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[Albion] Everton vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

Hugo Rune

Well-known member
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Feb 23, 2012
Watching Dyche make me feel sick. Has anyone else noticed how he pokes his nose then wipes it on his bald head.
Suspect he does the same with his ginger lined crack when the cameras aren’t watching. (Getting my abuse in now before he ruins my afternoon!).
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Colonel Mustard

Well-known member
Jun 18, 2023
I watched the highlights of Everton’s win against West Ham and frankly, I’m shatting myself.

Everton will sit back in their half and press us very hard indeed in the midfield. If they gain possession, a long ball will be punted up to a big powerful quick player such as DCL. Then players such as Doucouré and McNeil support that break with pace, power and urgency.

DCL will hang out on whichever wing our fullback has left unguarded as he seeks to bully our defenders off the ball and create havoc. Perhaps Veltman and Milner just sit back and we don’t commit as many players forward?

Dyche has us worked out. The ****!
For heaven's sake people, get a grip!

It's Everton. They're a poor team. Yes, they had a good result recently at West Ham. They lost the game before that, and the one prior they beat Bournemouth. In the previous month, they lost their two home games (Inc Luton). Drew with Sheff Utd. Good result away at Brentford.

In short, they've had 2 good wins away from home this season while their home record is dismal. Overall they've played 10, W3 L6. Goal diff of -4.

Yep, DCL has found some form recently. But come on you weaklings! Gird your loins and get stuck in, and remember, you can tell them all that we stand or fall for Sussex by the sea! Let your hearts be gay FFS!

Cheshire Cat

The most curious thing..
Except we are always crap against crap teams.

The Grockle

Formally Croydon Seagull
Sep 26, 2008
A narrow loss today I feel. Not convinced we have an answer for teams who sit back and look to counter.

Would just be good to keep the injuries down for next Thursday

Mexican Seagull

Active member
Jan 16, 2013
Mexico City
Clocks globally finally aligned so a breakfast kick off here and Prime will deliver yet another superb matchday experience and the latina football "experts" will be drooling over us again, through with less preference for our brazilean contingent. Time to walk the dog in the balmy morning sunshine prior to kick off. We should win this one!!

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