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[Albion] Evan Ferguson


Nov 19, 2017
Would be gutting if Ferguson is out for a lengthy period of time. Just as he was starting to play regularly and make an impact as well. Thankfully as he is so young it shouldn't impact his development too much hopefully. I thought at the very least we'd have seen on the TV that the VAR team were viewing the incident, but nope nothing to suggest they even thought it was worth the ref having a second look- you have to wonder about bias when you have a a few people sitting in a studio with several different camera angles and they didn't think that was a red card. I mean what more does a Livepool player have to do to get sent off, literally run up and punch a player in the face. The decision in the last round against Wolves to rule out the Wolves winner was even worse so they shouldn't have even been in this tie.


Jul 8, 2022
Saw him as he came off. Was ginger but walking OK, but was pointing down at it and got a BiG hug off RDZ. The speed that he decided to bring on Undav makes me think he was planning that anyway and Undav was warmed up so, I'm hoping it wasn't too bad.


May 3, 2012
I think it’s a sore impact injury and nothing more - few days off etc. but I’m no doctor and that’s just a guess. It’s also a disgraceful tackle from an old international on a young lad who’s burst on the scene. Hope he apologises big time for that - absolute assault.
That's what it looked like to me. Achilles tear would ore likely lead to being stretchered off to protect it.


Jul 13, 2003
That's what it looked like to me. Achilles tear would ore likely lead to being stretchered off to protect it.
Yeh - it’ll be sore for sure but don’t think it’s a long term damage. Disgusting foul though man - really disgraceful and unnecessary.


Yes I eat anything
Feb 28, 2009
On the wing
Evan came thru the 1901 in a leg brace and on crutches, not looking happy and not stopping for the kids. Hope it's all precautionary for the lad.

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