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[Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7


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Jul 22, 2010
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Recent form hasn't been great even before the Euros - England have won just two of their last seven games.

They lost to Iceland and Brazil, and drew with North Macedonia, Belgium and Denmark.
The wins came against Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia.
I meant his failures in the past euro and WC competitions. Getting to a final is a favourite defense for Southgate's stalwarts, f**king weirdos.


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Jun 21, 2012
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Don’t disagree with a lot of that, but this is what I expect from a pundit not a manager. The Kalvin Phillips comment is odd, the natural replacement for him is Gallagher so why not start him. Glad he thinks we need another level to see that he isn’t completely blind to how poor we’ve been.
Why not play Mainoo an exciting young talent, Gallagher is a walking red card.
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Genuinely don't understand how Palmer isn't getting game time. He's had a light season, relatively speaking, and has a bullish energy that England appear to be crying out for.

England have so much quality that isn't being exploited; because (imo) Southgate is far too conservative. Give RDZ these players and it would at least be an exciting watch.


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Aug 30, 2011
Why not play Mainoo and exciting young talent, Gallagher is a walking red card.
Don’t disagree, just think Gallagher has more experience, I rate him, think he has actually been very decent for Chelsea this season but he doesn’t have a foreigner name.


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Aug 25, 2011
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We seemed desperate for entire second half. A sense of panic on and off the pitch pervaded through my screen, at least. As if the whole Team England knew they would be slated post match and there was absolutely nothing they could do to avoid.

It reminded me of us against Iceland, under Woy. Abject.

The only positive I took is at least the players, manager and coaching staff all agree they can and must do better. Nobody’s in denial about that.

It reminded me very much of the Iceland loss. Another nation drawing from a smaller pool of players, in their case light years from the Laudrup years, but effecting a superior game plan, winning all duals and giving us a football lesson. Even Bellingham looked bullied out of it.

We resorted to Dycheball of long punts.



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May 3, 2012
Bit puzzled about how places are determined. Obviously it's points first etc. What's the situation when two teams are on the same points? The UEFA explanation is a bit confusing.

a. higher number of points obtained in the matches played among the teams in question.

So - if Serbia beat Denmark, and we lose to Slovenia, we are presumably still above Serbia by dint of getting more points than them in the match played between us? In which case - haven't we already qualified, because there is no set of results I can see that mean we end up third?

EDIT - forget all this nonsense. Of course Denmark & Slovenia wins sees us third!! Doh....

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Jul 28, 2011
What are they scared of? Gareth? The FA?

No wonder players choose to not be involved.
I don't think the cowardice is coming from the players. It's the manager. He's a coward and he's wasting one of the best squads we've had for decades.

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Apr 29, 2011
Can't be bothered to read prior pages, but anyone else thinking that Rice needs to be held accountable more? He needs to be getting that ball from defence and driving the entire midfield up the pitch. Haven't seen him do that nearly enough in the first two games.


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Dec 18, 2017
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Well, given the format that up to three teams go through, we're basically guaranteed to progress with 4 points.

There's always an utterly shit performance in the group stage.

Can Southgate sleepwalk this team to the latter stages of a tournament again? Honestly, I hope not as it would just be rewarded with a new contract.

I don't think Potter is the answer either, proved he can't handle the egos and big names at Chelsea.


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Jul 18, 2004
I think Southgate has overcomplicated whatever plan he had.
Net result is a confusing, negative mess.
When he put three fast players on at once it was as if he was giving up on his primary strategy.
It was desperate.
We look so far off being serious contenders
To win this tournament you need to beat at least three quality teams.
We could sneak past one, maybe two but we won’t luck out three times.
It is a real shame.
I hope he makes all his critics eat their words. It is very, very unlikely though.
At some point we will come unstuck and be made to pay.

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