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[Football] Euros 2024 - Matchday 7


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Mar 4, 2004
Southgate has been in charge 8 years too long, football has moved on the England players play week in week out playing a 2024 football, Southgate is stuck with 2014 football, what does he do when he watches games, does it just go for the prawn sandwiches


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Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
Frustrating isn't it, we've got some really good players in our squad, we'd be in with a shout of winning this with some decent coaching and tactical awareness.

Hugo Rune

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Feb 23, 2012
I have never rated Southgate, we always lose to the first good team we play in tournaments.

Southgate never try’s to win games, he just tries not to lose.
He is also a penalty shoot-out magnet. Strange, because if you look at our stats, we have about a 5% chance of winning one.


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Jul 10, 2003
If football management was as simple as choosing the 11 best players and putting them on the pitch, then we would all be brilliant managers (Ok, a lot of us).

If your sum is going to be better than the parts then you must have a plan, any f***ing plan beyond choosing your best 11 players :shrug:


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Jan 31, 2012
Vilamoura, Portugal
takes Kane off, which I wasn't against

But Watkins didn't do much more, which shows were the problem lays

We create nothing
He brought on Watkins to play on the shoulder of the last man with Bowen and Eze to pull them wide and make space for the through balls. All well and good but then we spent the last 15 minutes "lumping it long to the big man".

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