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[Football] EPL manager of the season.


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Jul 14, 2005
No doubt that the MSM will punt for the German,but look at Chris Wilder learned his 'trade' in the lower league where his teams have always done well and several promotions to boot,The Blades were on Betfred 6/4 to go straight back down,yet many genuine PoTG fans (apart from the Big Six) who ever they maybe it don't work like that. :dunce:


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Dec 11, 2009
100% Klopp, his Liverpool squad are not as good as Man City yet he has won every game except 1 and got many late winners when he has made a substitution and changed things up. They do have a good side but 22 points clear tells me he has had a fantastic season and rightly deserves to win manager of the season.

Behind him Rodgers and Wilder are among a list of also runs but none will come close to Klopp

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