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[Albion] England Squad announcement shortly

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


I have changed this
Jan 22, 2009
Oberursel, Germany

Are we in for a surprise call up for any of our lot? Solly, Dunk, Webster, Colwill?? Anyone else..

Not if Mike Hughes is correct with his assessment on the bbc website...

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Mike Hughes: The England call up shouts for the Brentford and Brighton players would be great for the romanticists, but that doesn't win Southgate matches. There are plenty of players rightfully ahead of them in the pecking order.
I reckon he is a Manchester City or United fan who lives down south, with that kind of attitude..

Anyway, I hope we get one or two call ups, but am not overly expectant..

Gonzo BHA

Sep 3, 2004
It will be another Southgate squad announcement with no Brighton players, despite Solly March being in the form of his life and Lewis Dunk streets ahead of any other English centre back. When he go the job didn't he say he would be picking players on form/merit... what happened to that, Gareth?

Nobby Cybergoat

Jul 19, 2021
I reckon Colwill will get picked. Just to reduce the chances of us getting him, from 2% to 0%.

Not Solly or Lewis though


Jul 7, 2003
If Maguire and Coady are still in the squad I will be spitting feathers.

Lewis and Solly deserve a shout based on performance, but that means nothing.

Guinness Boy

Tofu eating wokerati
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
On form you'd take Solly and Dunky but GS will pick neither. I genuinely feel for both of them if and when that happens but at least it will reduce the odds of them getting injured.


A. Virgo, Football Genius
Jul 21, 2003
i dont mind so much not picking a player just because they've hit a bit of form, manager has a way to play they might not suit, has a longer term view.

i do mind players with utter gash form constantly getting picked. and then played ahead of others in the squad that are in better form.


Sep 1, 2017
Deepest, darkest Sussex
We all know both Dunk and Solly should be in there.

But there's no chance that talentless Palace plank will pick either of them, especially as he's probably sulking after last night.

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