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Westdene Seagull

aka Cap'n Carl Firecrotch
Oct 27, 2003
The arse end of Hangleton
It was a great goal but I can think of at least three off the top of my head which are as good if not better. Zamoras volley against Halifax at Withdean, Carpenters volley at Hillsborough, Jiri Skalek’s against QPR. The best ever goal I’ve seen by any team at a Brighton game was a volley by Mick Mills of Ipswich in a pre season friendly at the Goldstone.
I'll give you Zamora's but only as an equally great goal .... not better.
Dec 4, 2003
I get to my twice-weekly social football about 20 minutes early so I can line up footballs and try and (at the age of 36) finally learn how to shoot properly.

Not once in my 36 years have I connected with a ball off the ground like that. I'm not even talking about it going in the goal, I just mean physically kicking it like that.

I guess that's why he's the footballer and I've just had 2 chicken kievs as a snack.


Habitual User
Oct 18, 2006
I’m not going to start a thread on it but that shot could go into a few ‘Top Tens’
I’ve seen many similar in 54/55 years of supporting the Albion but not at this level.

Brian Bromley hit a beauty against Tranmere in 71/72

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