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[Football] EFL Cup Final - The Thread

Who wins

  • Liverpool

    Votes: 76 96.2%
  • Chelsea

    Votes: 3 3.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003
Will Poch survive this bad case of VD?

What a wonderful match, Chelsea simply froze. I have that Ready Brek glow. F**k Chelsea.


Well-known member
Dec 21, 2011


Liverpool's kids were amazing. Great watch and the seventh placed spot now gets Europe. Come on the Albion.


Well-known member
Jul 13, 2003
Don’t be so negative, get to Dublin and win and we make Champion’s League no? :wink:
Just thinking of the chances overall in case anything mental happens and we don’t win the FA cup and Europa 🙌

Herr Tubthumper

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NSC Patron
Jul 11, 2003
The Fatherland
I know I’ll be crucified for this, but I’ve always liked Liverpool as far as the big clubs go. I think it’s because growing up they weren’t winning everything (that was Manchester United).

The main reason is Liverpool is an amazing city (well, city centre) and I’ve always found the people polite and the atmosphere great. New Years in Liverpool in the late 00’s was very special.
Your main reason is my reason as well. Well done Liverpool.


Well-known member
Jul 13, 2003
Don’t count those chickens yet Sheebo. :smile:
I think we’ll come 8th and get Europa Conf based on that… Altho I’m not too fussed if we miss out…

Deportivo Seagull

I should coco
Jul 22, 2003
Mid Sussex
No great love for Liverpool but an absolute joy to watch Chelsea blow it.

The classic knowledge of all prices and value of nothing.
I loath Liverpool, simply loath them, so it was weird experience wanting them to win.
I’m off to nick some hubcaps in celebration .

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