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[Travel] EDF P&R (Portland Road) for West Ham & Newcastle

Jul 7, 2003
How has this worked for people in the past compared to the other P&R sites?


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Nov 1, 2013
Anyone know where the coaches for this one are parked at the Amex and are there plenty of them ?


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Jul 26, 2004
Sssshhhh, I used it for Luton and I don't think I've ever got back so quick after a game. I was hoping to keep it a secret.

In answer to thedonkeycentrehalf, it worked quite well. I don't recall it being advertised for Luton, so I think it was quieter than it could have been, hence quickly back onto a bus.

In answer to Invicta, they basically split the wide stairs up to Mill Road and it was the left hand side of that. Pretty much how they used to do the Mithras House buses I think.

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Jul 5, 2003
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I'm doing it for WHU. A mate of mine drives from Ferring and has booked this up, so I'll mince along to EDF and meet him there.

(after a nice little sesh in the Vic). Snorted.


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Nov 15, 2008
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Oh, EDF. My mistake.

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