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[Albion] Do you want Palace to go down?

Do you want Palace to go down?

  • Yes

    Votes: 377 83.0%
  • No

    Votes: 77 17.0%

  • Total voters


Well-known member
Jun 22, 2006
La Rochelle
Relegation after relegation....they have cheated the proper football clubs with two Admins..

I look forward to the day that the idiot "dougie" comes face to face with the Wealdstone Raider in their local derby, who finally gives "dougie " some.


Well-known member
Jun 14, 2023
Not fussed but I notice a nice gap between games tends to get a rivalry a bit spicier so perhaps a couple of seasons in the championship would be good.

Green Cross Code Man

Wunt be druv
Mar 30, 2006
I am not 'torn' on this in the slightest. I hope they go down, and down again. And keep going down, until they have a local derby with Bromley.

And I'd also be very happy if we never played them again. And then, still, on my deathbed at 90 plus I hope, I would still hate (pantomime type for the sensitive) them and wish them every lack of success.

They are not similar to us either, they've twice cheated their way to status in the league that they didn't deserve at the expense of clubs like ours which didn't and cut its cloth accordingly. They robbed St James Ambulance and then returned as a completely new entity only a few years ago. Oldest club, GAH!


Huge Member
Oct 19, 2003
NO! I want us to keep thrashing them next season / and the season after that until we are the only team left standing between them surviving or relegation- I want us to play them at home in the last match of the season - with 80 mins of tantalising passing the ball around at the back, standing on the ball and denying them any possession at all, then in the last 10 mins just as they thought a point would save them, get 5 quick fired shots in, sending them out of the PL with a resounding crash to the raucous rendition of GOSBTS and ‘You’re going down, you’re so shit!’ 😎
But we don't keep thrashing them. Usually we draw . . . 1-1.


Jan 3, 2018
six feet beneath the moon...
instinctively i’d say yes. but being totally honest i wouldn’t get anywhere near as much satisfaction from it compared chelsea or city getting relegated. genuine cheats who are utter cancers to the sport, on an entirely different level to palace. and a big part of me enjoys the extra level of tension that our games against them have. they’re still the first two games i look for when the fixture list is released. one of the very few constants in life over the last few years


Well-known member
Jan 29, 2021
The pantomime of their "mob" (LOL) allowing themselves to be kettled every time they play in Brighton is getting boring, but I can't deny that I enjoy the extra tension attached to this fixture. So on balance I'll allow them to stay up...


Well-known member
Jul 30, 2011
On the Border
Relegation all the way.

Lucky for them, the money for the new stand is ring fenced, so with lower attendances they could easily built it during the season and still get everyone in the three sides that stay open.

And next season in the Championship it would be great if they did a Blackpool from 1977/78 Top 6 at Christmas and relegated the end of the season.

Albion my Albion

Well-known member
NSC Patron
Feb 6, 2016
Indiana, USA
I dont think they’ll get relegated though, they’ll end up winning some random match and stay up, because they always do. I am partly convinced some black magic has been at play in Selhurst Park that has kept them going this long.

Can't be. The Eagles don't perform "Black Magic Woman" but they do perform "Witchy Woman." :cool:


Well-known member
Jan 24, 2009
A big fat YES. Send them down, they have been stinking up this division for far too long with their vision less mediocrity. Assuming Chelsea don’t get relegated due to FFP they can assume the Leyton Orient pantomime understudy role until Palace finally figure out how to crawl back up.


Well-known member
Jan 26, 2012
No, I want them available for a spanking twice a season.


I've changed this
Nov 1, 2017

Mr deez

Jan 13, 2005
Not really. I reckon they'd have a great time in the championship, with no VAR and actually competing. Surely just about scraping by every year in the prem is much more depressing.


In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded
May 12, 2014
What Chelsea did to us last season is much more worthy of our hatred in this new era.

Bye bye, Palace. Do trip on your way down.

I don't particularly like Chelsea, and would be very happy if they went down. But I genuinely don't understand how people can think the Palace rivalry is dead, and that Chelsea are now the team to hate.

'What Chelsea did to us last season is much more worthy of our hatred". Why? They made us better. We've got a better manager, and they've paid us an absolute fortune for Cucurella, Potter, Sanchez, Caicedo. And I should point out that with Cucurella it was Man City that turned his head, and with Caicedo it was Arsenal.

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