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[Football] Diego Maradona doc on C4 at 9

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I see your wicked plan - I’m a junglist.
Sep 14, 2011
From the chap who directed the Senna doc - this look like it will be good.



I've changed this
Nov 1, 2017
Ooh that looks good. Read Jimmy Burn's 'The Had of God' years ago. Brilliant book.


Jan 23, 2018
vg. though goes on too long at end imo. 2 hours wd have been about right. some of the pitches he played on and the abuse he got was insane. yes v flawed character but have to confess I love him. we've never seen anyone before or since win the World Cup virtually single-handedly


Jun 10, 2004
Queens Park
Excellent documentary. It’s not really a football film. It’s about fame, addiction, frailty and exploitation. Plenty of non football fans would enjoy it


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
Fir me Maradona. He's the only person to effectively singlehandedly win both a league title and a World Cup.

I’m inclined to agree with you as it might not be popular opinion in this country but I love Maradona.

However, Messi almost single handedly won the 2014 World Cup for Argentina, losing in the final and winning player of the tournament which a lot of people forget. He has also single handedly won Barca numerous league titles and been the main man in 3 Champions League wins and a bit part in a 4th, Maradona never won the European Cup.

I can’t split them. Both equally joyful to watch.

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