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[News] David Walliams

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Lenny Rider

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Sep 15, 2010

Back in the news, clearly like all of us he’s flawed and he‘s probably crossed the line on this occasion, but also remember with a couple of notable exceptions there’s good in everyone.

A few years ago when I was on the board of Trustees for Chestnut Tree House, the only children‘s hospice in Sussex, Walliams came to visit the Hospice in Arundel, had a tour, met some of the children who were delighted when he finished the visit by reading some of his children’s books to the sick youngsters.

At times during his visit he was visibly moved to tears.

Within 24 hours Chestnut received a significant anonymous five figure donation to the charity, rightly so we kindly accepted this generous act and have never investigated it further, but you don’t need to be Inspector Morse to work out what went on.

Yes Walliams is an acquired taste, yes he probably shouldn’t have done what he did, but underneath he’s not all bad.

Guinness Boy

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Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
Met him once at the Lagoon when I had my youngest with me and he was as nice as pie despite being stopped every five yards. Must be quite a PITA when you just want to go for a walk along the front or pick up one of Norm's coffees.

He's also very funny and has managed to somehow make camp mainstream without stereotyping it and ending up as a Larry Grayson.

Good story about the hospice too, though we all need to bear in mind that some very flawed people made large charity donations.
Dec 4, 2003
Ah the classic he donated some money to a charity so he can’t possibly be a bad person defence.

Now, where have I heard that one before?
He said "there’s good in everyone".

I've done bad stuff. Last night I lied to my daughter what time it was so she would go to bed early and I could watch the football uninterrupted. I wouldn't say I'm a bad person.
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Jul 10, 2003
He said something rude to someone off air, about one of the freaks on BGT ?

Burn him


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