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[Help] Covid is back


Active member
Dec 12, 2014
I think I caught it at he Wolves away game. Me and my buddy both tested positive for it a couple of days after the match... just getting over it now, really knocked me sideways...


Jan 17, 2005
Lyme Regis
Definitely an uptick in mask wearing here in Lyme, NHS England predicting an incredibly difficult winter,particularly without any restrictions in place.


Well-known member
Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Live your life. They constantly have a new variant to scare people with. My favourite variant was the Croydon variant which was very apt.

True scientists don’t do that, just quietly monitoring/publishing data on currently near harmless viruses.

Then some parts of the media and a few strange folk who’d have kids separated from their peers again, jump on it.

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