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[Albion] Cor Blimey Governor!


Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
That was a very special game. Solly was MOM, Mitoma and Fergie also played well. The cameo from Veltman was a defensive masterclass. Was Salah actually playing today or did our two centre halfs have him in their pockets all game. A certain GP must have been holding his head in his hands wondering what he has done
Veltman was absolutely immense when he came on. Won virtually every tackle.


Jul 5, 2003
A bit emotional today! trying to read and watch everything about yesterday and still can’t really believe what’s happening.

First game was in 82 and since we have been in the PL I’ve always convinced myself that the best years were spent in the lower leagues. What was the point in being in the PL just trying to stay up? Somehow we are now one of the best teams in the PL on current form, probably top 3 with Arsenal and Man United. How on earth has this happened?

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
Veltman was absolutely immense when he came on. Won virtually every tackle.
Can't believe he didn't stay on his feet when Solly belted the ball at him though 🤣

For me, the thing that stands out most about yesterday is that Liverpool were the team that lots of my mates supported at school and university - at a time when we were either struggling in a lower division or trying to stay in the league (and in business).

Never in my wildest dreams back then would I ever imagine not only beating them 3-0, but absolutely playing them off the park. Even just a few years ago we lost 6-1 in the cup and then 5-1 at the Amex, so I almost expect a similar result every time we play them. But yesterday every player was fantastic and some of the play was mind-blowing.

The transformation of the club is close to being complete! Only a European adventure to go...

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