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[Football] Clubs you dislike

Dave Fishwick

Feb 28, 2021
forgot about Celtic - another set of fans who think they are gods gift, and, akin to Palarse, think waving a few flags around entitles them to call themselves Ultras. Ultras are not part of British football culture and it feels very cringe to me to be starting fringe Ultra factions. Whatever happened to organic football chanting?

The Antikythera Mechanism

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Palace first and foremost with Pompey a very close second. Horrible club with one of the biggest (and smelliest) bell ends in the whole league as a famous super-fan. Fratton is a shit hole within a shit hole and the whole area is an artless, godforsaken cesspit that people should be sent to as punishment for doing something really naughty like walking diagonally in a shopping centre. The ground is "old school" by which you can infer run down, in the wrong place and full of entitled people that no one can understand. Robbed their way to the Premier League, robbed their way to an FA Cup and still seem to think they're the biggest club on the south coast, even though the evidence suggests they're no longer even as big as Bournemouth.

To which you can also add Bournemouth. To locate your ground in somewhere that looks like you've just been spat out of Dr Who's Tardis into a dystopian parallel universe still stuck in 1975 is astonishing, considering that what you're famous for is golden sands and ropey B&Bs full of Daily Express reading pensioners. Noddy fans, when they can be bothered to turn up, which is almost never, and only where they are today due to being the money laundering plaything of someone who didn't even have the balls to stay Russian when it came on top.
Very smelly Portsmouth bell-end just for you

Paxton Dazo

Up The Spurs.
Mar 11, 2007
West Ham
Chelsea (moving closer to West Ham since the whole Marcus Alonso / Graham Potter business)
Crystal Palace
In that order.

I’d say the same to any Brighton fan who hates Totttenham because of 1978, as I’d say to a Hereford fan who hates Brighton because of 1997.

96/97 was a 46 game season - do better in the other 45 games.

77/78 was a 42 game season - do better in the other 41 games.

Ironically both went to goal difference.
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portlock seagull

Why? Why us?
Jul 28, 2003
Really Palace out front by a country mile (its different for the fans of the 70's/80's).

Manure (Never liked them or Fergie).
Leeds (total knuckle draggers)
Massive (complete Numpties)

(with the last two both suffering serious delusions of grandeur)
This is the correct answer on this thread.


Oct 11, 2013
Chelsea, and this seriously predates Potter -- a revolting combination of nouveau riche and old money. Money, money, money. Entitled, entitled, entitled

Torn now on Newcastle, because they have lovely fans. City have really escaped the microscope.
As much as the rivalry is fun, can't see the problem with Palace, proper club, decent fans

Edit: neglected Leeds and 'Muff (petrochemical entitlement). If we're veering outside of the UK, PSG and Real Madrid.


Oct 11, 2013
We're all united in our hatred of Crystal Palace but do you have another club you dislike for another reason, possibly even no reason at all?

Here's my list:

West Ham - massive club mentality without the trophies to back it up.
Chelsea - spoilt brats.
Reading - nothing club. Annoying, plastic fans.
Burnley - the whole Bong/Rodriguez saga + town full of racists.
Best thread in ages. Has taken me into Friday evening smiling :bowdown:
Oh, and I should have added Millwall, for all sorts of reasons but, for now, I'll merely mention Rod Liddle

Crawley Dingo

Mar 31, 2022
Hate is to strong a word.

Clubs I have issues with.
Palace- The tackle on Gerry Ryan was one of the worst I have ever seen, Chalice of the Palace.
Manure- Southern fans, one said to me I only hate manure because its fashionable. Oh the Irony!
Crawley- Total tinpot with an appropriate bicycle stand built into the back of the stand. A lot of the fans seem to have funny shaped heads.
Pompey- Kept behind after losing 5-0 and had the goals played back to us, they pulled the same stunt with chelsea the following week and they trashed(upgraded) the place.
Southampton. A high percentage of their fans have a sense of entitlement thats through the roof.
Chelsea- Where is their catchment area? Its where Crawley fans go to try to feel self important.
Leeds- Dirty cheats.

Clubs I laugh at atm, form related.


Jan 29, 2021
bristol city

quite a few!!
Just out of interest, when people add "Loyal" to their name, what does it actually mean? Loyal to the royal family? Loyal to the Empire? Loyal to 17th century attitudes?


Jan 29, 2021
So, who do we collectively hate?

This takes us up until @fly high's submission.

I've run them through a word cloud generator.

So far, Everton haven't been mentioned. Somehow, they have escaped our wrath.

I've included all teams mentioned, except for when the poster indicates that they don't dislike them anymore. I though Fulham might escape censure but @amexer ruined that.

View attachment 155731
For balance can I mention Rangers? I had the misfortune of being in Manchester in 2008 (for work) when they were there for the 2008 UEFA final. I'm no puritan but I have never seen such levels of public intoxication, urination and intimidation. These boys were off the chav scale...

Codner's Wallop

Sep 11, 2013
Reassuring to see a few others who don’t like Bournemouth.

I agree.

The two most obnoxious, irritating fans I have met over the years at work are both Cherries fans.

Despite being in their forties and fifties, many of their new-age repugnant fans seem to have joined the football party around 2015. And then there is this bizarre ‘rivalry’ with Albion, which again, started in the mid-2010s and has been oblivious to most Albion supporters.

Am I even allowed to say I actually prefer Palace to Chelsea? The latter is now one of the elite, synthetic uber-rich PL clubs whice have polluted, pillaged and disfigured our game - probably for ever.

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