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[News] Christmas Day Pudding

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Christmas Day Pudding

  • Spotted Dick

  • Bread and butter pudding

  • A moist sponge

  • Sherry Trifle

  • Yule Log

  • Christmas Pudding

  • Vienetta

  • Black Forest Gateau

  • Iced Buns

  • Cheesecake

  • Baked Alaska

  • Tinned Fruit

  • Jam Roly Poly

  • Apple/Other fruit Pie

  • Crumble

  • Tiramisu

  • Mince Pie

  • Assorted Cheeses

  • Strawberry Cake

  • Sticky Toffee Pudding

  • Chocolate Mousse

  • Yoghurt

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Bisexual - He/Him
Jan 17, 2005
Lyme Regis
One month today and we'll be all eagerly awaiting the following days festivities and gluttony. So you've had that breakfast fit for a king, roasted your favourite bird/nuts, so what will you be having to follow?


Is it PotG?

Well, is it?
Feb 20, 2017
Sussex by the Sea

Live by the sea

Oct 21, 2016
You can’t beat a good quality Christmas pud with plenty of vine fruits & alcohol in it .

Topped off with a thick vanilla custard or cream .

That’s after you’ve indulged in your Turkey & fresh chestnut stuffing of course !


Bisexual - He/Him
Jan 17, 2005
Lyme Regis
A Yule log most likely for me, my second of the day. We will probably have an assortment of pudding so ourselves and our guests, Vienetta always goes down well on Xmas Day and you can't beat fruit cocktail with evaporated milk. Mrs Crod is quite partial to a spotted dick.
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Jun 27, 2012
I made my (christmas) pudding on Sunday. Stir Up Sunday. As i do every year. Xmas Pud it is.

The Mole

Active member
Feb 20, 2004
Bowdon actually , Cheshire
Unfortunately I’m missing out on Christmas pudding again. Last year I was stuck in a government Covid prison for three weeks ( released at midnight on Christmas Eve) and there was no Christmas pud in the shops. This year I’m in south africa- although everything else will be rather nice - they don’t do proper Christmas pudding (or mince pies for that matter)!

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