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[Music] Christine McVie RIP

Aug 28, 2016
Nr. Coventry
I liked songs from both incarnations of Fleetwood Mac and Christine(RIP) was the strongest songwriter of Mark Two I think. The album before Rumours(just called Fleetwood Mac) had loads of good tunes - this is just one of hers. I prob would have posted Songbird though if Icy hadn’t beaten me to it



Stay Frosty
Oct 27, 2008
Still in Brighton
Love all incarnations of Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green imho was THE greatest guitarist of all time). First Mac album bought though was Tango when I was 15. I'm also a big fan of Danny Kirwin and this is a nice song from Future Games with Christine singing.

RIP. Can't believe tbf she was as old as 79!


Lenny Rider

Well-known member
Sep 15, 2010
Apparently the real love of her life was Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys, unfortunately their relationship was doomed due to his various addictions. 💔


Sep 9, 2003
Thames Ditton
Really upsetting. I loved her songs and Fleetwood mac. I was lucky enough to see them all perform together for the first time in years at the O2 in 2015 and they were amazing.

I knew that the band were aging but didn’t think she would be the first to go. She looked good for her age. A real talent.

RIP Chrissie. Thanks for the music. You’re music will out last us all.

I was meeting at mate at the pub tonight. I put my fleetwood mac T-shirt on that I hadn’t worn in ages and then got in the car and that’s when the update came on my phone that she has passed… odd.


Jul 7, 2003
I overlooked her contributions to Rumours initially, but her songs became my favourites over time and I absolutely loved her voice.
Disappointed that she wasn’t with the band when I saw them in 2009.
Her music will live forever.


Jan 24, 2009
Very sad news. The sensible one in the band and a simply wonderful songwriter and singer. This came as a real shock yesterday.

Barrow Boy

Nov 2, 2007
This has really upset me, she wrote and performed on nearly all of my favourite Fleetwood Mac songs and I must admit to having a big crush on her.
RIP and thankyou for the music Christine.

Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
Oh no. RIP Christine. Underrated in my view, but made some wonderful contributions to Fleetwood Mac. I didn't expect this and hadn't read it elsewhere. Very sad. Preferred her stuff to Stevie Nicks' in the band.
Absolutely this, somewhat overshadowed by Stevie . . . but l know which one l preferred.

Publius Ovidius

Jul 5, 2003
at home
Can I recommend you to go to theBBC iPlayer and look up music

there is a two hour concert when they reformed

it is a fantastic concert and Christine was a major part of fleetwood Mac. Lindsay buckingham’s guitar craft is sublime.

RIP one of the most talented songwriters and performers ever.


Habitual User
Oct 18, 2006
It often takes sad news like this to make you realise how much you love music. And the thanks you have to these people……. I’m always in awe of them.

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