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[News] Charging guests for Christmas dinner

Is it acceptable to charge guests for Christmas dinner?

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Jan 17, 2005
Lyme Regis

This lady charges her children and grandchildren for the Christmas dinner she's cooking them - thoughts?

Personally I'd never dream of inviting someone for a meal, Christmas or not, and charging for the privilege.

I appreciate her point that costs have gone up, but surely you just adjust plans accordingly as we all have to?
To be fair £14.95 for the men, £9.95 for the women and £4.95 for the kids is outstanding value. Where else can you get Xmas dinner for that much??

Jul 19, 2003
Was invited to one of my sons for Christmas dinner a few years back. We provided the Chicken/Bacon, vegetables drinks and puddings so I suppose that's a bit like being fleeced I think. Also we pre-cooked the meat as well


Not awoke
Feb 3, 2008
For years we would get together as a family before Christmas to see my brother, mum and step dad before mum headed to either London or France for Christmas. Six adults, three older kids. Although my brother would host we'd all bring stuff round. Typically I'd cook a gammon and bring some cheese, bruv would do a range of salads, snacks and desert and mum would take care of the wine. Simple really.
Exactly…I’m off to my daughters Xmas day and first thing i asked was what shall i bring ..likewise when at sisters on BD..its just the obvious thing to do


Jun 21, 2020
My wife's great grandmother apparently used to 'charges' her children when they came to eat. To be fair they were extremely poor, and some of this would have been during rationing, when It was much harder to get hold of food let alone worry about the cost of it. But in this day and age, you do worry about people who are more concerned about the cost rather than the implication of eating together. If money"s tight then cook a cheaper cut of meat/ veggie option. Spuds and sprouts are down to 19p in supermarkets. Of course its fine to ask for people to bring a dish/ bottle etc and if not asked then offer!


Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
Exactly…I’m off to my daughters Xmas day and first thing i asked was what shall i bring ..likewise when at sisters on BD..its just the obvious thing to do
This is it. So simple. We’re hosting this year, some family and friends, all of them offered to bring stuff……..so one is bringing a cooked turkey (can’t stand it personally and wouldn’t have bothered LOL) but basic rules for me is if you’re hosting, you‘re prepared to provide everything but if you’re invited you offer to bring stuff/help and agree with the host what that is (if anything - I took a forerib of beef last time we were ‘away from home’).


Huge Member
Oct 19, 2003
I suspect this clickbait article is framed as 'charging' rather than 'found a solution that suits everyone.'

You can bring a dish or chuck some money in the kitty to help cover costs. Cooking for 12 is expensive, I am always happy to bring food but if people don't cook the. Why not chuck in some cash?

Do what ever works for your family I say.


Sanity Clause
May 5, 2008
Depends on how many spongers there are in the family, Mr's V's Brother always contributes the least if anything to family crimbo dinner. Normally if he " hosts ", everyone else has to supply the food and wine.

Live by the sea

Oct 21, 2016
If you invite people over , you can’t charge them it’s extremely bad manners . You can invite them to bring a dish along if you like . It’s the sage if you have a party with drinks , you can’t then ask people to pay for their drinks it’s really bad manners .

If you can’t afford it , don’t invite people or make the numbers smaller .

Iggle Piggle

Sep 3, 2010
The way this should work is quite simple. As a guest, always turn up with something, offer to pay if unsure. As a host, accept the gift refuse the payment

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