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[Football] Chants and songs sung at other clubs that you quite like

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May 12, 2014
Its not a chant that other clubs use, as far as I'm aware, but weirdly I was thinking the other day that the theme tune for Dallas would be a great for a football chant.

Stat Brother

Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
Always been a huge fan of:-

'oh when the saints/spurs go marching on...'

Having that only sung for 90 mins - well 60 mins before the booing - really does warm the cockles.
The imagination and forethought put into that rendition is glorious.
Not only that the willpower required to never once change for anything else, over my 40+ years of my live football support, is to be applauded.

'play up Pompey.
Pompey play up'.

Brings a tear to the eye, for the same reason.


Mar 15, 2020
Much as I dislike Portsmouth as a Club - The Pompey Chimes is fairly good and does relate to the City and was taken from the tune of the Town Hall clock chimes


bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013
Not sure if all the Welsh club’s fans sing it but I quite like this sung by Swansea fans on their way to Millwall.


May 17, 2010
If we wanted another song unique to us, I've always thought that some appropriate words to the tune of ' Oh we do like to be beside the seaside ' would be good. It's a very easy tune for grown men to sing. It could be loads of things, but to start.....

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside,
We do like Roberto De Zerbi,
As Solly flies down the flank,
And Evan hits it like a tank,
At the Amex, beside the sea.

atfc village

Mar 28, 2013
Lower Bourne .Farnham
I'm always a little bit saddened to hear a tune that I think might be original to us being sung somewhere else. Happened yesterday with one of the telly matches having a "She's Electric" tune chant....

Noting that claims of originality are usually mistaken, either willfully or just down to imperfect knowledge, how many original songs/chants have we actually had over the years?

SBTS is the obvious and massive stand out.

Had anyone else used "That's Amore" before we did...?
Was Bissouma the first "Tequila" player or did someone else get there first?

The other question I wonder about is how much is known about which teams fans have actually originated the use of now widespread chant tunes..??? My guess would be the big teams that used to be on the telly most often..? Which of our favourite chant tunes are most and least used elsewhere?
We Aldershot sang Tequila at Roker Park in October 1987 for the first time . It had just been in the charts . Not claiming to be the first,but that's when we started.

bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013
At Peacehaven half a dozen of us used to sing Gene Pitney’s (?) 24 Hours From Tulsa.

“We were only
24 hours from Telscombe
We were only
one day away from the club
If Bob* is getting ‘em in
We know that we’re gonna win
Dah dah …. dah dah.. [etc]

*Bob used to run the bar
You can’t sing “oh Telscombe Cliffs is wonderful” now the Wimpy has gone. :smile:

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