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[Misc] Celebrity - Lovely or Shit

Cheshire Cat

The most curious thing..
Ian McKellan - very nice man.

Never came across any other slebs.

By the way....

Outside the (new) Cavern. It's a lorra lorra load of shite.


Paulie Gualtieri

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May 8, 2018
Reverting back to my interaction with Cilla on the mundane celebrity interactions thread, I had no idea until now that she was widely perceived this way!


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Sep 22, 2014
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Source: My sister, GamesMaker during London 2012, he was on a train out of London late one night during the games and was genuinely interested in hearing what it was like, seemed a genuine guy

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Source: Friend of my parents who worked for HMRC. Even before all the recent stuff back in the 1990s he regularly told stories about how he was arrogant, rude and treated the plebs like shit.
So how should a pleb (your words not mine) be treated ?? Also what do you mean by.. A pleb ??


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Nov 26, 2007
Wolsingham, County Durham
Lovely: John Cleese - had a really pleasant chat with him when he came into my shop in SA.
Shit: Tony Pigott - I witnessed a rather unpleasant episode between him and his female companion in a Brighton pub which resulted in him being removed by the landlord.

The Clamp

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Jan 11, 2016
West is BEST


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Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill
Paul O Grady. An absolute arsehole. Got caught on microphone calling Plan B “common as muck” when he was performing on his show. Went out live. He said it to another arsehole, Parky.
Fair enough…….only picked on him to compare with another drag act who I knew to be shit

The Clamp

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Jan 11, 2016
West is BEST
Seriously is that all? Anything else?
This is what we call an “example”.

Having said that, it’s a very good indication of snobbery.

It brings to mind the old saying;

“How you do anything is how you do everything”.

If that’s how he talks about invited guests on his show, it’s quite a good indication of how he treats people he considers beneath him.

Sometimes all you need is a candid glimpse, an unintentionally overheard comment that tells you a lot about someone.


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Jul 14, 2013
This is what we call an “example”.
I mean do you think someone was an ‘absolute arsehole” just because they said some singer was “common as muck”?
I have never heard a bad word said about Paul O’Grady, I was surprised and wondered if you had heard anything else bad about him.

Cilla is mentioned several times, a customer of mine that worked for BA told me he didn’t like her because she treated the flight crew badly.


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May 3, 2012
From someone (female) who worked with them both on countryside programmes

Michaela Strachan - Lovely.
John Craven - Not so Lovely.

Green Cross Code Man

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Mar 30, 2006
No danger of libelling the dead, so it’s widely known Cilla was an absolutely awful person to be around in those heady days of being alive. She got through 7 PA’s in a year at one point.

I don’t have my own personal story about her, despite working in the biz (she was before my time thankfully) but colleagues have described her as an absolute tyrant and deeply unpleasant person.

I sat with her cousin at my old garage in Kirkdale, Liverpool where she was from. He said she was pretty unpleasant and all but disowned her humble working class Scottie Road roots and was very stuck up and ignored her family. Sad really.


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
My ‘celebrity’ acquaintances are generally all footballers, and usually linked to Southampton or Portsmouth in some way so a bit niche. But anyway the most memorable:

Lovely - Graziano Pelle - an absolute delight and by far the most handsome man I’ve ever met in the flesh. He left all women, and straight men! completey in awe.

Shit - Charlie Austen. ****.

And it feels wrong to say it now he’s lost the plot but I’ve spent quite a bit of time with Matt Le Tissier over the years and he’s always been lovely?! And I lot of people I know, know him better than me and all say the same thing too.

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