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[Misc] Can you spare a quid?

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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
12-y-o Bozza jnr, who is stuffed with cold right now, is currently in Shoreham Beach as he walks from Worthing Pier to Brighton Pier and back again today.

Getting him out of his room and off his Xbox is no mean feat, so it's quite something for him to walk further than he ever has before on a cold, blowy and a bit drizzly December day.

He's doing this to raise money for the British Red Cross.

He's already exceeded his modest target of £50, but I know it will boost his spirits when he finishes if he's received another couple of donations. So if you are able to literally spare a pound and send it in his direction via Just Giving, that would be fab.



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May 23, 2009
Given how much I'm going to spend on trains, beer and curry today it would be churlish not to.
Good luck to him

Herr Tubthumper

Jul 11, 2003
The Fatherland
In. Good work Ben.

This ^^ is certainly true. Back when I was running marathons Portslade to Brighton Pier and back was a "short run" and Portslade to Worthing Pier was a "long run". From memory adding the two together is nearly a marathon, think it's about 23 miles.
I used to do similar when I was training. My house (Osborne Villas, Hove) is 18 miles to Worthing Pier and back I think. Brighton Pier must be around 2 miles, 4 there and back. So yeah, must be 22-23 miles in total.

It’s a truly lovely walk/run as well. I sometimes used to meet the Frau at Carats on the way back if I didn’t need the full 18 miles…..and undo all the good I’d just done :smile:

Paying the bills

Paying the bills

Paying the bills

Paying the bills