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[Albion] Buzz's Boot Room Quiz: Barbs v Bloom


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Jun 24, 2011
Wonder if they would have appeared if we didn't qualify for Europe? Glory hunters stealing the lime light, its like they think they own/run the club.

Not a good look, Parish and Freedman wouldn't do something like this and embarrass their fan base.

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Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
Love that Tony chose not to mention the Lillywhites when naming nicknames


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Nov 28, 2011
Astley, Manchester
Tony wins again....

Love the fact that when they asked for a new buzzer he says ‘we need to put that in the plan’ as in the financial plan that I assume they are working on at present.

AZ Gull

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Oct 14, 2003
Chandler, AZ
Get the man mountain physios on it, mainly because I want to know what their personalities are like. Are they perky fitness instructor types or morose bouncers who wish they were in the SAS? The dream would be one of each.

I agree, my Mother-in-Law hasn't been the same since she saw "that" physio!

One of those "physios" is the club doctor.

Cotton Socks

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Feb 20, 2017
We stayed for a while after the Southampton game and were walking down towards the station and suddenly there was shouting "there's Buzz" and about 15 people surrounded him for autographs and photos :lolol:
I'd just like to say that myself and Jnr weren't one of those people! :clap:
He just had a look of 'WTAF is happening'. His mates found it very funny. Neither did I start chatting to his mates & give one of them the shirt & sharpie to take over for him to sign just in case he legged it. :lolol:
After being in a queue that rapidly dissipated once Mitoma had gone through, to trying to get 'Buzz' to sign his shirt, epitomised how mad this season has actually been! It strikes me as really bizarre that I went past a YouTuber & embarrassed Jnr by saying 'Luuuuke'. If I'd seen Ronald I probably would've asked him to sign the shirt as well.
I can categorically state that there weren't people waiting outside the Goldstone in the 95/96 season waiting for players autographs. The club shop was a portacabin & there was no such thing as 'out of stock'.
I'm going to be controversial & say that the Goldstone was a wreck & there is no way it could've been converted into an all seater stadium, let alone have the corporate lounges and the stuff we have now. The 'corporate lounge' at the Goldstone was an absolute shambles. Archer et al selling the ground underneath our feet was the best thing that could ever have happened to us. Admittedly this is all with the excellent benefit of hindsight! :lolol:
I will obviously start moaning about the inability to get tickets at the start of next season. Also I'm quite upset that PBOBE still had his bottle top attached, one rule for them etc. :ascarf:

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