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[Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

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Hot blood and big balls
Oct 17, 2008
Nothing further on this online. Seems probably not true.
Might be though. Had some good ITK info in the past myself and received some back on here. One lad called Steele starting ahead of Sanchez the other week many hours before kick off.


Nov 10, 2003
It all sounds so positive. A home win and a comfortable one at that. I refuse to believe it will be anything other than a stressful, nasty 90-odd minutes with Palace snatching at least a point - probably three - with a Zaha inspired stroke of luck.



Feb 6, 2019
Some dark humour about the game tonight.

I make no predictions, there are too many variables..... but I expect our great players to give a good account of themselves.

The only annoying thing is that we seem to have a sort of annual 'hangover' in terms of performances after the Palace match (whatever the result), and we cannot really afford that luxury....

Codner's Wallop

Sep 11, 2013
A keeper crisis at Palace - good news huh?

Well unfortunately this IS Palace so frankly they could turn up with eight fit players with a kangaroo in goal, with the rest of the team tied together by their shoe laces for the entire game, have only 3% possession and register zero shots on goal against 47 from Albion and still scrape a 1-1…

There IS NO GOOD NEWS when we play Palace

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
Watch him have a blinder.

We have a mental block with Palace. I am incredibly jaded about this fixture at this point.
I was always very confident when we played Palace until the play off semi final result, since then it has been a real struggle and we seem to do better against them when they have been the better team, which they are definitely not anymore. Spawny doesn’t cover their luck against us

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