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[Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Crystal Palace *** Official Match Thread ***

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports


Feb 25, 2017
Dunno what people say subs you know that GP will not make any changes until 75/80m

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hart's shirt

Jul 8, 2003
Kitbag in Dubai
Up until the goal, there was one team trying to win the game and the other trying not to lose.

It's time for another Wolves-style halftime team talk.

Plenty of time left to turn it around.

We can do this.

JC Footy Genius

Bringer of TRUTH
Jun 9, 2015
Dastardly cunning from palace ... drag us down to their level then hit us with the only bit of quality they show in 45 mins ..


hoof hearted

Sep 14, 2019
That was Alzate offering no protection, as per usual.

Why is he even playing at wing back? He's done ok in that position in the past, but he's not a natural wing back. We have natural fullback/wingback who is experienced at playing on the left side, Karbownik, anyone know where he is?!


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
I don't understand the need to play 3 CB's and 2 wing backs against Palace. We either need another striker on to play alongside Maupay, or play with a striker that can play up on his own like Wellbeck or possibly Zeqiri. Personally Maupay should be down the pecking order after his poor form.

Yes I’d change to a back 4 now.

Take Burn and Maupay off - bring Lallana and Welbeck on, go 4-3-3 and push the fullbacks on:

Veltman - White - Dunk - Alzate;
Gross - Bissouma - Lallana;
Trossard - Welbeck - Mac Allister.


How soon is now?
Palace are doing a number on us. A bank of 4, two in the middle and a bank of 4 at the back - all behind the ball. It’s what Fulham and Sheffield U did to us. There is no room to get through. We look laboured again and light in midfield. Bissouma and Gross are not in control as they have been. Better teams let you play, struggling teams park the bus. Tonight we’re playing against the bus


Nov 28, 2011
Astley, Manchester
Need to up the tempo and get some quality on in the shape of Lallana and probably Welbeck. Bissouma looked very average.
Hodgson has done a right job on us here. We look toothless, lacking in energy, and devoid of any ideas.
The more you look at their goal the worse it is. Burn outpaced and allows Ayew to get the better of him. Dunk caught between going to help and staying in the centre, ending up doing nothing and White caught out by the back heel. White probably least at fault of the three.
Giving this lot a 1-0 lead is asking for big trouble. They'll be so pumped up to retain this that their workload will be immense.
We'll need some quality second half and maybe go more direct.


Jul 13, 2003
I just can’t even go into how anti football that palace performance is. It’s literally laughable to the point where even if they win it actually makes the defeat feel better. It’s so anti-football - and one spawny goal from their one attack. It’s a wall of defence and now the time wasting etc will get worse. It’s literally embarrassing for them!

I honestly feel for the lads - playing against a wall - we are devoid of ideas but it is so so hard against this turgid shite. I swear down if we lose I’ll be grateful we play how we do. **** it draw or win I’ll feel the same. Anti football negative shite - embarrassing!


Jan 18, 2014
Watching the replay of the goal just leaves me screaming at Burn again. Same as the Leicester, Arsenal and Wolves goals - that was amateurish defending.

I don’t blame White for that at all, not sure what more he could have done, same as Sanchez. But Burn was diabolical.

dunk should've cut out the cross


Old Brightonian
Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
Lots of possession but created very little. Need to play a little quicker, I’d probably get Connolly on, possibly for Trossard who has been quiet so far this evening.

Keep going lads, we can do this.

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