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[Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Brentford *** Official Match Thread ***


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Jun 29, 2009
We played some really good stuff tonight and just glad of the 3 points. Brentford didn't have much but found some passing moves those last minutes which had me biting my nails.


Brighton born & bred
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Oct 20, 2022
I'm sure I also heard one of the players / crew shouting something along the lines of 'yesss - Sussex boys'.
Did you see the beaming smiles Dunk gave him when he went back to the dugout - what a captain - no glumness he was suspended but totally chuffed for the young defender. ‘Sussex boys’ 🙂

That was the most Caicedo like performance from Baleba yet - excellent signing


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Feb 25, 2009
Zabbar- Malta
I initially thought Gilmour had made a meal of it - but seeing the replay from the other angle - you can actually see his chin ripple as it takes the hand. Should have been off.
But he's a Brighton player. I have no idea why Buananotte got booked..


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Apr 23, 2010
Isn't it good to see young players developing? Hinsh will get the headlines, but Gilmour put in another good performance.

I don't know what the stats say, but he seems to want the ball the whole time. That's a very good sign
Thought exactly the same, no shirking from Gilmour, and there never is either.

Nobby Cybergoat

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Jul 19, 2021
Thought exactly the same, no shirking from Gilmour, and there never is either.
He just plays like a much more experienced player than he is.

He's always talking, he's always demanding the ball, he's always aware of what is around him and he's never far from the action. He's not faultess. A little more consistency in possession would be good and he should really looking to be adding goals to his game. But I thought he was terrific again overall tonight.

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