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[Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs Arsenal *** Official Match Thread ***

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US Seagull

Jul 17, 2003
Cleveland, OH
He’s been out of sorts since that very early goal - emotional immaturity spilling into his game when things don’t go his way as usual but get over that and he’s a great GK imo.
I thought that in the last game when he very nearly got himself sent off. He seems to have a hard time just letting go of what happened and focusing on what's happening NOW.

The time to analyze is later. You can't change what's already happened. Maybe he's missing some emotional intelligence coaching?


Jul 15, 2009
Haywards Heath
If we DO manage to score, I'll be off this messageboard for a month. So no dry January on the forum then.......I'd be back on Wednesday 1st February 2023.

How's that for a bet?
I've won a sizeable financial wager on this match tonight but I'm a man of my word so I won't be on here in January as my health comes first.

My sabatical will be put to good use. Those closest to me on here will have a fair idea of what I'm talking about - have a very happy new year and see you in February, hopefully I'll be in better health.

God bless. 🙏

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