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[Albion] Brighton & Hove Albion vs AFC Bournemouth *** Official Match Thread ***

The Fits

Well-known member
Jun 29, 2020
Great second half. But nonsense in the first. It will be interesting how De Zerbi processes this because clearly there's a balance here between rotating and picking a line up that's cohesive and has enough quality in it.
Baleba looks incredibly exciting and will give Gilmour or Dahoud a bit more license to focus on creativity. Gilmour clearly has to be taking set pieces.

Mustafa II

Well-known member
Oct 14, 2022
Very poor first half, very good second half. Good three points. Deserved win.

Mitoma is f***ing magic.

I'm already a Baleba. Great debut, looks like exactly what we're missing - no pressure on the lad at 19, but hopefully this is a sign of things to come.

Dunk & Estupinan as ever put in great shifts defensively.

Can't fault Bart for their goal as he was clearly instructed to do that, strange strategy in the first half. Can only assume it was to save energy for the second half.

Very chuffed. 3rd in the league after six games!

Si Gull

Way Down South
Mar 18, 2008
On top of the world
Nicely done.

Bit of a strange game. Awful first half and gifted an equaliser. Second half instantly better with Mitoma's goal setting the tone.

Defensively still fragile with Bournemouth getting several good chances that they didn't take. Work to do there, but overall a great win after going behind.


Well-known member
Nov 19, 2017
A much better second half, but I can’t believe we won that game 3-1, Bournemouth must feel a bit hard done by. What a second half performance from Mitoma, Pedro great as well and Baleba with an encouraging cameo.

The Fits

Well-known member
Jun 29, 2020
I thought Bart was excellent. First half and mistake wasn't really his fault. No idea what was going on there.

Arthritic Toe

Well-known member
Nov 25, 2005
Awful first half and we needed a change of tactics - those balls through the middle to the midfield just werent working. Really poor officiating - very inconsistant in terms of balls that were kicked away and waving of imaginary cards. At least three incorrect corner/goal kick decisions (both teams). We were flattered with 3-1, but edged it overall despite the first half showing.

Robert Codners Nostrils

Active member
Oct 12, 2004
An important win. It shows we can do it when not at our best and a first win from a losing position for De Zerbi. It shows that the “Blueprint” for beating us does not guarantee the win. Bournemouth were successful in the first half when using it, but the equalizer and subs knocked the stuffing out of them. A sign of a good team when you have to dig deep to win.

A few thoughts about players. Pervis looks lost without mitoma ahead of him. Better second half. Buonenotte does not look like a wide player. Hopefully he’s got more to off playing centrally if he gets a chance there. Pedro draws an enormous number of fouls which helps when we’re seeing out games! Great to have dunk back.

Garry Nelson's Left Foot

Well-known member
Jul 7, 2003
Better second half. Not great, but better.

I think my take away is two fold. One, we're now a team that clubs make special plans for. Didn't ever expect to see that in the premier league.

Two, we now have standards so high that we can come from behind to win 3-1 and a close second to the happiness of winning is disappointment in the performance. For the first four seasons in this league wins were so hard to come by that I celebrated any and every one wildly, now, again due to the incredibly high standards set by this team in the last 12 months, I'm thinking we can't play that poorly too often if we want to maintain a challenge for the European places.

Also, lovely little cameo by Baleba.


Intending to survive this time of asset strippers
Oct 12, 2022
Only listening on the wireless, but was momentarily distracted at the start of the second half, and thought the announcement of the early Mitoma goal was an audio clip from a previous match.

Imagine my delight when I realised the second half had actually started and it was a genuine Mitoma goal. :albion2:


I've changed this
Nov 1, 2017
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Horses Arse

Well-known member
Jun 25, 2004
here and there
So, Dunk misses a header and was caught upfield on occasions when pushing for a goal. Had a great game though I thought. As Igor on Thursday.

Will he get slgged off? Hope not.

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