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[Albion] Bridge Parking question for today


BZ fan club
Dec 29, 2011

Long story, but when I bought the space at Bridge for todays game I had to put someone else’s vehicle reg down. They are now not going and I’m going to use my own car. I’ve not parked there before, so:

1) I only have a screenshot of the QR code as they had already downloaded it to their phone. I assume this will work?
2) Do they check the vehicle regs as you go in?


Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
Either leave before the masses or wait until the masses have all departed.
If there is a 2 goal cushion to either side I leave my seat on 89 mins and jog/fast walk to the car park. This has always allowed me to drive out the Bridge car park immediately with no delays.

On a beautiful day like today, with a perfect kick-off time, hang back on the concourse an hour and enjoy a stress free wander back and easy exit.
Leaving on the final whistle will only raise your blood pressure and diminish the pleasure of your day.

(n.b. they never check the number plate, they just want to see you've paid for a space)

Seaview Seagull

Mar 1, 2021
Hopefully if you wait a while today you can hear/see the semi final draw.

For future reference, if you know you need to use a different car to park you can ring supporter services and they will change it. I've done it several times.

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