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[Albion] Bournemouth tickets

Albion Robster

Well-known member
Jul 21, 2003
North West
Lovely stuff. Four tickets secured at 09:02. All of us were sitting on 400+ points so just missed out on the top tier.
Bit of a twitching arse at 09:01 but thank god that bunfight is done for another year!

hans kraay fan club

The voice of reason.
Helpful Moderator
Mar 16, 2005
Chandlers Ford
In and out, 2 tickets, by 9.01am. Bosh.

Safe standing, which will be new for me.

Again, since it moved to the queuing system I've had no chance, can't get in til after 9.03/9.04 twice in a row now

Terry Butcher Tribute Act

Well-known member
Aug 18, 2013
My biggest takeaway from this is if even bloody Bournemouth have managed to get safe standing in that crap stand, surely we could bite the bullet with our £120m profit

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