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[Albion] Bournemouth, Spurs & Chelsea away tickets

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Apr 7, 2016
I’m probably being dense - have those of you buying before today been able to buy more than one ticket each? Or when you say @Leegull you got three is that because there were three named people you could buy for?
Yes exactly that. I had enough points yesterday but I wanted to buy for my two lads who were not eligible until this morning.


Jul 5, 2003
Logged in for Spurs ticket at 8.55 and there was only a handful left which was annoying, if it’s going to be 9 o clock, make it 9 o clock!

Anyway after plenty of refreshing and being unable to buy tickets that were in my basket I finally got two together at about 5 past, right near the front as well (son is 9!). Probably couldn’t have picket a better spot.

The Wizard

Jul 2, 2009
Me and a friend got charged double when paying for tickets the morning they came out, I’m assuming nobody else has had the same problem? Not sure whether to ask the club, bank have said 7 days to return as they are still pending whilst the ones that successfully went through are completed.

Happy Exile

Apr 19, 2018
Trying to take Mini Exile to Leeds next weekend as we're suddenly able to go. Will be her first ever away game but it's impossible to get her a ticket. She's been to every Albion home friendly and home cup game with me since 2018 but because the system doesn't always allow us to assign owners and we've not wanted to miss out on seats while waiting for support to fix it she's only got 3 points...and while the site says it's purchase history for Leeds it's actually not, supporter services tell us it's 10 points minimum. Bit disappointing especially as there's loads of seats left. Is this a non-starter or has anyone ever had success taking a junior fan without enough purchase history to an away game? She watches us on TV, loves the club, but life means she won't make it to enough league games to make it worth having a season ticket unfortunately so it's a rare opportunity for us to watch a game together.
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Jan 29, 2006
on the edge of LDC
Chelsea arrived yesterday, Bournemouth arrived last week sometime. Yep Spurs is a digital ticket, not received as yet. Probably like Everton away when they were sent out a week before the game.

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