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Jan 3, 2006
Zamora For England said:
Went to see it today, bloody hilarious, although the Jew run made some uncomfortable viewing sitting next to my Jewish cousin :bounce:

Thought it was awesome, had the same sort of situation today. When he "Meets a real chocolate face" I had to try so hard not to laugh sitting next to 3 of the largest blokes you've ever seen. However, it was a relief when they burst out laughing too.

So many priceless moments, not sure I actually stopped laughing. In the lift, he starts unpacking his bags. Operator: We havent got to your room yet.
Borat: No, you not give me smaller room:lolol: :lolol:

Top film, loved the size of the censored sign during the hotel fight
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South Central (Hove)
Apr 7, 2006
Brighton & Hove
Turned up again...

There was much talk in the Kennedy Center Honors after-party about one of the standout moments from the three-hour long ceremony on Sunday: Sacha Baron Cohen’s return as Borat as part of the tribute to U2.

"I must say I’m very upset about the antisemitism in the U.S. today. It’s not fair. Kazakhstan is the number one Jew crushing nation. Stop stealing our hobby. Stop the steal. Stop the steal.”

“Your Kayne. He tried to move to Kazakhstan and even tried to change his name to Kazakhstan-ye West. But we said no. He’s too anti-semitic even for us.”

Borat then proceeded to sing a short parody of U2’s song With or Without You with the lyrics changed to “With or without Jews”. He broke off and asked: “What’s the problem? They loved this at Mar-a-Lago. They chose Without Jews.”



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