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Black Lives Matter

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New member
Apr 26, 2023
It’s not old, or guff for that matter. We’ve been bending the knee for two years now in honor of these ********s. There’s always been shit in the world, time to call out some of it for what it is.
It doesn't matter how old the movement is. As long as it makes big money for corporations, it will be popular all over the world. Unfortunately, in our beloved football too...

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
You could also use a random word generator and come up with a more rational response…(y)
Somewhere in between an American sportsman taking the knee, and footballers in the UK taking the knee, is a parasitic American faux company taking money (and losing even more money) for no apparent useful purpose. Meanwhile footballers (now only occasionally) taking the knee remains a blameless exercise that triggers racists. What's (still) not to like?

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