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[Albion] BHA v West Ham fixture confirmed date/time/TV (and BHA v Man City date/time)

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Jan 26, 2012
Apologies if fixtures, but couldn't see this elsewhere, and hadn't seen it flagged up in the normal places....

The BHA v West Ham fixture that was due to be on May 11th, now has its confirmed time and date - and broadcaster.

It's on Saturday May 15th (my birthday and wedding anniversary! Let's hope the good guys give me an extra present of three points!) at 8pm, and is being shown on Sky Sports.

I saw this tucked away on the BHA website, in the fixtures bit (unsurprisingly, I guess) where they also note that the BHA v Man City game is on the 19th, at 7:45pm. No broadcaster listed for that, but will the games be aired when crowds start to return to the stadiums?
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