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[Albion] ** BHA v Leeds ** - Premier League Score Predictor - Now in its 10th SEASON !!

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BHA v Leeds - Score Predictor

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BHA (17th) entertain Leeds (9th) at The Amex - for a rare 3pm kick off on Saturday. A win for the Seagulls & we could find ourselves in the lofty heights of 14th. Defeat & we could be nervously looking over our shoulder with a possible 4 point gap between us & the drop.

This match will give us a second opportunity for a rare double - having beaten Newcastle home & away - if we could replicate that 1-0 away win at Leeds, I am sure we'll all be content.

BHA record against Leeds is favourable. 17 wins, 11 draws & 18 defeats to date. We haven't lost any of our past 6 meetings in Sussex - won 4 & drawn 2. Indeed we have not lost against Leeds in the top flight at home - won 2 & drawn 1.

As for the Score Predictor - with 5 games left, all to play for - this season is going to go to the wire - I think ....


7 Points

AlbionInUs, HankSkorpio, Leegull, milliepops

6 Points

Bob!, Canfan, Iford Albion, Jack Straw, OzMike, This is me

5 Points

Beach Hut, Blue3, Butch Willykins, Chrisg, Cornish Rocket, golddene, Gophy, Harry Wilson's tackle, lasvegan, newhaven seagull 85, RandyWanger, Saladpack Seagull, southstandandy, Tom Hark Preston Park, Tim Over Whelmed, tronnogull,

4 Points

A1X, AmexRuislip, Arthritic Toe, bob_monkhouse, Coldeanseagull, Crispy Ambulance, Drebin, eastterracemike, GM98, GREASED WEASEL, Happy Exile, Igzilla, janee, Maron1, MJsGhost, Monkey Man, Nigella's Cream Pie, osgood, Plooks, portslade seagull, raymondo, Right Back, sant andreu, Sir-Len, Snowflake, The Brighton Bear, WASH, withdeanwombat,

3 Points

*Gullsworth*, Albion_Dave, Albion Edd, albionalbino, bhadiv1, bhafcjack, Blackadder, Bod, colinz, CorgiRegisteredFriend, Creaky, Daffy Duck, Dirty Dave, DudsFarm, durrington gull, Ethelwulf, exKT17, Gabbafella, giveusfalmerplease, Goldstone1976, Hendrax, Hornblower, Knocker15, Lifelong Supporter, macbeth, ManOfSussex, matumaini, Miami Seagull, Mike Small, Monsieur Le Plonk, Mouse28, Muzzy, Nicky Rust Fan Club, NooBHA, One Teddy Maybank, Oscar, Ozwald, PaoloAlbioni, Peteinblack, Peter Grummit, PHCgull, PWA, Razmertaz, Rudolph hucker, Seagull, Seagull kimchi, seagurn, Shippers, SK1NT, Skuller, Sorrel, Steve Foster, Steve351, The Oldman, The Orange Seagull, Tokyohands, Trevor, VAL1850, warmleyseagull, Weststander, wigman,

2 Points

55yrs a seagull, ALBION28, AndyH, atfc village, Avery Hillbilly, bhafc99, Biscuit Barrel, BNthree, Bognor Seagull, bomber130, Brighthelmstone, Cheshire, chrispyk, crookie, Cypriot-Seagull, Darloseagull, DavePage, DavidRyder, Dolph Ins, doogie004, Dublin seagull, Eastgull, Elbow750, Eric Youngs Contact Lense, ExmouthExile, FamilyGuy, father_and_son, Frankie, Glanders, HalfaSeatOn, Hampster Gull, indy3050, Invicta, jakarta, jeremiah, jeremy fisher, Jim Van Winkle, Johnny RoastBeef, Keith Patel, keitho54, Ken Livingstone Seagull, kjgood, Knightsworld, Lindfield23, lizard, Lurchy, maltaseagull, martin tyler, mashman156, Milano, mjking73, Morvangull, Nathan, neilbard, Nelsons Left Boot, Nibbler, oldboyroy, origigull, papajaff, paulfuzz, Pierre the Painter, PoG, Postman Pat, pyi, Reddleman, rocker959, Rogero, SeagullinExile, Seasidesage, Shropshire Seagull, Shy Talk, South Stand Bonfire, Spicy, Streetlight, studio150, sully, sussexman32, theboybilly, The Lemming Stomper, The Wookiee, throbinson, Toongull, Trelford Mills Guide Dog, Trufflehound, vegster, wilf tranter, Winker, Worried Man Blues

1 Point

Al Bion, Angmering Albion, Bald Gull, banjo, barmyarmy, Barrow Boy, bazbha, Beanstalk, Beardie, Behind Enemy Lines, Bertie Wooster, Binney on acid, Biscuit, Brian Riggs, Brighton Lines, BrightonLoyal, carlzeiss, Cantona's Flying Dropkick, carlzeiss, casbom, Chickenlittle, CliveWalkerWingWizard, Couldn't Be Hyypia, cowburn86, Coxovi, croydon seagull, D'Angelo Saxon, Danny Wilson Said, DanR, Darloseagull, Darters74, dazzer6666, Denis, DH12, DJ NOBO, Dorset Seagull, drew, e77, eagelsdan, Easthill Andy, elwheelio, Falmer Wizard, Farehamseagull, fork me, forumwayseagull, French Seagull, geoff2021, Gilliver's Travels, goldstonegull, Hamilton, Hampden Park, HantsSeagull, hart's shirt, herecomesaregular, heathgate, Horton's halftime iceberg, HPSeagull, Iron Butterfly, JC Footy Genius, Jesus Gul, John Byrnes Mullet, Johnnyboy, JonnyCLately, Kneon Light, Lacrosse Lip, Lamie Robertson, lassek, lhughes, Luke93, Lyndhurst 14, Machi, Mackenzie, madinthehead, Mancgull, Marshy, Motogull, Napier, Napper, NEASTGULL, Nelsons Left Boot, nicko31, Noah All, oxymoron, ozzygull, patchamalbion, perseus, Pevenseagull, PFW, Pint of Ale and a Burger, Poyningsgull, Psychobility Freakout, Publius Ovidius, Qtyppp, Rabeen, Ratso2005, Razzoo, redoubtable seagull, Return of the Rev, RexCathedra, RM-Taylor, samogers, Sausage, shingle, Shuggie, SI 4HA, SimpKingpin, Simster, SittingbourneSeagull, Skaville, smiler, Smirko, Statto, Steve351, Swansman, swindonseagull, Taybha, The Antikythera Mechanism, TheBigUnit, The Kid Frankie, The Real Neil, Uh_huh_him, Uncle C, VAL1850, Vegard Forren's Legacy, weymouthmick, WhingForPresident, Whosh51, worthingseagull123, Wozza, Wrong Direction, Wulfspear, zamora the merrier, Zawn Kellys, zeemeeuw, zefarelly,


Goal Scorers

Maupay 8 (3 penalties)
Dunk 4
Trossard 4
Welbeck 4
Connolly 2
Gross 2 (2 penalties)
March 2 + (1 FA Cup)
Mac Allister 1 + (2 EFL)
Alzate 1 + (1 FA Cup)
Bissouma 1 + (1 FA Cup)
Lallana 1
Lamptey 1
Veltman 1
OG 1

Jahanbaksh 2 EFL
Bernardo 1 EFL
Gyokeres 1 EFL


BHA 1 3 Chelsea, 272 scores, 24 correct
BHA 4 0 Portsmouth, 192 scores, 0 correct - 2nd Round League Cup
Newcastle 0 3 BHA, 258 scores, 1 correct
Preston 0 2 BHA, 230 scores, 65 correct - 3rd Round League Cup
BHA 2 3 Manchester Utd, 248 scores, 1 correct
BHA 0 3 Manchester Utd, 222 scores, 12 correct - 4th Round League Cup
Everton 4 2 BHA, 254 scores, 1 correct
Crystal Palace 1 1 BHA, 313 scores, 62 correct
BHA 1 1 WBA, 236 scores, 20 correct
Tottenham 2 1 BHA, 264 scores, 18 correct
BHA 0 0 Burnley, 224 scores, 9 correct
Aston Villa 1 2 BHA, 256 scores, 32 correct
BHA 1 1 Liverpool, 232 scores, 21 correct
BHA 1 2 Southampton, 237 scores, 23 correct
Leicester 3 0 BHA, 221 scores, 21 correct
Fulham 0 0 BHA, 225 scores, 7 correct
BHA 1 1 Sheffield Utd, 214 scores, 27 correct
West Ham 2 2 BHA, 284 scores, 15 correct
BHA 0 1 Arsenal, 229 scores, 6 correct
BHA 3 3 Wolves, 251 scores, 0 correct
Newport 1 1 BHA, aet, 3-4 pens, 277 scores, 20 correct - 3rd Round FA Cup
Man City 1 0 BHA, 284 scores, 4 correct
Leeds 0 1 BHA, 261 scores, 7 correct
BHA 2 1 Blackpool, 255 scores, 35 correct - 4th Round FA Cup
BHA 0 0 Fulham, 272 scores, 15 correct
BHA 1 0 Tottenham, 271 scores, 15 correct
Liverpool 0 1 BHA, 274 scores, 13 correct
Burnley 1 1 BHA, 283 scores, 81 correct
Leicester 1 0 BHA, 246 scores, 16 correct - 5th Round FA Cup
BHA 0 0 Aston Villa, 258 scores, 6 correct
BHA 1 2 Crystal Palace, 279 scores, 4 correct
WBA 1 0 BHA, 274 scores, 14 correct
BHA 1 2 Leicester, 267 scores, 11 correct
Southampton 1 2 BHA, 285 scores, 37 correct
BHA 3 0 Newcastle, 281 scores, 30 correct
Man Utd 2 1 BHA, 270 scores, 39 correct
BHA 0 0 Everton, 269 scores, 5 correct
Chelsea 0 0 BHA, 257 scores, 7 correct
Sheff Utd 1 0 BHA, 270 scores, 10 correct

Hall of Fame

2019/2020: Albion_Dave, ALBION28, NooBHA, shingle - 9 points
2018/2019: Arthritic Toe, Nibbler, Steve Foster - 9 points
2017/2018: Graz126, Studio150 - 11 points
2016/2017: Rudolf hucker - 10 points
2015/2016: Blackadder - 12 points
2014/2015: OzMike - 11 points
2013/2014: Paul Pring - 12 points
2012/2011: OzMike - 9 points
2011/2012: SWINDON SEAGULL - 9 points

As ever - use your head. You decide .....


Apr 17, 2019
Kings Lynn
I am feeling very much the same as I did against Newcastle although then we had come off the back of a good win at Southampton. Hopefully not the same result as the next home game after that.

martin tyler

Jan 25, 2013
I’ll be the optimist 3-1 BHA. They had a couple of tough games v city United and Liverpool. Weather their early press and slowly work our way through it. One for Mupaay off his backside, one for webster off his head and a crossed free kick from Grob beats everyone and nestles in the corner


Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea
F*ck knows, quite literally anything could happen.

I've voted other, it'll probably be 0-0 or 1-0 either way, but I'm saying 4-3 humdinger, no paint left on either goal. endiong 10 a side with 3-2-4 formations and rush goalies.
Dec 9, 2020
East Sussex
whilst its true of most of our games, any result here doesn't feel like a surprise, arguably apart from us giving them a hammering... I therefore have gone for 0-0! as likely or unlikely as any other score for me!

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