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[Sussex] Best farm shop in and around the Brighton area?


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Oct 1, 2013
Asking for a friend ..

Mostly looking for local eggs and milk

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Guinness Boy

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Jul 23, 2003
Up and Coming Sunny Portslade
Best local eggs are from Macs Farm in Ditchling. They only do eggs though.

For a full Farm Shop, I agree with Easy, you can't beat Middle Farm, just so long as you engineer it so that you're not the one driving home.

Eric the meek

Fiveways Wilf
Aug 24, 2020
I agree Middle Farm is very good. The lamb chops I had from them were the best. Very good for cheese as well. I don't know about their milk and eggs.

The Park Farm shop at Falmer opposite the Amex does their own eggs from Park Farm at Ripe, and also Mac's at Ditchling. Both are like eggs used to be, with orange yolks.


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Oct 14, 2003


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Aug 4, 2010
Swains Farm at Henfield. Local produce, incl eggs and have a selection of meats and sausages from the Butchers at Partridge Green.


Pokerstoving Hands
Jul 11, 2003
Swains Farm at Henfield. Local produce, incl eggs and have a selection of meats and sausages from the Butchers at Partridge Green.

Presuming the butcher is SK Hutchings - they supply Westons Farm Shop near Horsham and their produce is superb - highlights are their Pork and Apple Burgers and any of their sausages.

Eric the meek

Fiveways Wilf
Aug 24, 2020

A while back, the cheese woman at Rushfields had put little pieces of cheese in a dish on the counter for customers to try.

Up comes an old boy, and he squeezes every single piece of cheese between his finger and thumb, and then didn't eat any of them.

That was nice.


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Feb 19, 2016
Park Farm Shop at Falmer, just by the stadium. Surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet given its proximity to the club.


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Oct 24, 2017
Burgess Hill
Rushfields is good, if a tad pricier. Butchers is excellent, plus the fresh pies etc.... plus a nice opportunity to stop for a coffee and a large slab of cake whilst there.

Swains is much better value but a bit rough round the edges at the moment, they started a large building project with the idea of opening a cafe i guess (as that seems to be where every garden centre and farm shop is making their profits these days) but it stalled and nothings been done with it. I've just googled and it looks like the whole site/business is up for sale for £1.75m...

The business owner is looking to retire and therefore, Swains Farm Shop & Garden Centre will cease trading unless a buyer/s can be found to take over the going concern interest of the trading business.

Cowfold Seagull

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Apr 22, 2009
As much as l like Rushfields, ( & l do, hence my previous post), another very good one is Jeremy 2, just south of my village on the A281.

A much smaller concern, and basically just selling high quality fruit and veg, along with a few other local products.

Also has an excellent butcher, who used to run Wooward;s in Henfield before it closed it's doors a few years ago.

There is also the original Jeremy's greengrocer in Henfield, which spawned it's namesake, but not somewhere l have given much business to.

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