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[Albion] Back in Garth's good books

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports

The Wizard

Jul 2, 2009
The man is a f***ing clown.
It's a mystery to me how he manages to keep stealing a living from the BBC.
Are you aware of the organisation that is the BBC?

But yes I agree, he’s stealing a living and probably earning a yearly wage from this stupid column, it’s the same every time he includes one of our player, he had a great game…. <Insert waffle here about how poor the opposition was>

I’d be willing to bet good money he doesn’t actually even watch games, just highlights of goals, hence why 99% of his picks just happen to be players who scored.


Nov 11, 2009
Garth was a pretty decent player back in the day, a crap OTT and rambling presenter that was binned a long time ago and now an irrelevant small time journalistic side show.

Who cares what he thinks.


Jul 10, 2003
Girth Crooked thread is a lot like the MOTD threads. I open it in the vain hope that they will contain some measure of our footballing genius.

But ever am I disappointed that the fat tw@t and jug eared prat give us due acknowledgement rather than how crap the other team are.

But still, I live in hope.

Or fantasyland.
Like wise the 10 Talking Points bit in the Guardian after every weekend.
The whole bit this week about Moyes.


Mar 27, 2013
Burgess Hill

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