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[Albion] Argentinian Transfer Targets Summer 2021

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Hugo Rune

Feb 23, 2012
Light up your Asado, fill your Calabash with Mate and admire the most beautiful women in the world. We’re going Argentinian this summer mi amigo!

Target 1: Alan Velasco
Age: 18
Price: £12m ono
Positions: Same as Messi
Competition: Newcastle, Lille, Inter Milan.
Seagulls Advantage: Experience in South American transfers plus famed route to the 1st team for youngsters.

Target 2: Nicolás González
Age: 23
Price: £16m ono
Positions: Left Wing/Forward/Striker
Competition: Leeds.
Seagulls Advantage: Poor 20/21 season due to injury and form plus he is mates with The Mac.

Target 3: Nicolás Tagliafico
Age: 29
Price: £10m
Positions: Left Back, LWB, Left midfield
Competition: Leeds, West Ham.
Seagulls Advantage: Ali-J and/or Pröpper as part of deal. Recent transfer of Veltman mean the clubs have good communications. The fact that we are collecting young Argentinian prospects.

Aug 6, 2011
Bognor Regis
How exciting.
It would be lovely if we could get just one of them.

It'll be fascinating to see how Potter juggles things to use Mac Allister more often and also his challenge of introducing Caceido.
Both of which will be more problematic if Bissouma stays and Lallana remains fit.

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