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[Offers] Anyone have a spare 100 Lego vip points pls


Top banana
Jul 21, 2011
Could some kind soul possibly help with some Lego I would like to treat the other half too For Xmas , Need to swap 100 vip points under the Lego vip section for the Harry Potter hogwarts express collectors edition and a £85 off code would be emailed to you . Would really appreciate one if you could pm it over as it’s £429 normal price 😢


Mar 18, 2022
North West Sussex
£429 for Lego? Lego?

Pick the right set, just prior to its " retirement " for best discount, save it unopened for a couple of years and you can be quids in, more profitable the crypto.It is the new Beanie Babies.

If you have seen the Trossard Taj story on here, that set is now £200+ over original price on the re-seller market. That Trossard story is only a couple of years max old.

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