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[Technology] Anyone else playing Wordle?

Iggle Piggle

Sep 3, 2010
How very frustrating. Repeatedly smashing the woodwork in a cup game and not a yellow in sight.


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not my real name
Jan 29, 2009
Wordle 634 4/6*


Not very good in comparison with most of the scores posted so far today. I’ll still try to turn this into a good omen for tonight though, I’d be reasonably happy if we put 4 past them.

Played 416
Streak 154
Average 3.90

2023 Average 3.68

May 30, 2014
Beware the ides of March…

Wordle 634 5/6


Current/best streak 117
Played 424
Average 4.04

S 74
P 74
A 3.94

Poor run continues, pre match nerves with tonight’s game preoccupying my thoughts


Pokerstoving Hands
Jul 11, 2003
I'm ill hence the late posting time for me but I don't like Wordle anymore...I think not having the 2nd letter was marginally worse than not having the last today.

Wordle 634 6/6


Average: 4.15
Streak: 74
Jun 20, 2021
Spring Cup Update

After a "Titanic" struggle @Harry Wilson's tackle loses 5-4 to the aforementioned @Titanic after 2 replays.

However, @Titanic and @JJ McClure will have to wait to find out their semi final opponents as the other two matches ended in draws today (definitely not an omen for tonight)

So @Bakero v @Ooh it’s a corner and @Iggle Piggle v @BrightonCottager take place tomorrow when everyone will be so happy at Brighton stuffing Palace that they won't care whether they win at wordle or not

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