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[Albion] Ansu Fati **Signed On Loan 01/09**


NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jun 27, 2012
That's our Europa League money spent. And no obligation to keep spending if we don't qualify again. Seems fair business wise. Still not sure it will happen though
It’s not a case if whether Albion have the ££ / it’s whether reports of him earning 10-12m a year are true. Those types of reports usually aren’t. I’d say - unlikely.

Doc Lynam

I hate the Daily Mail
Jun 19, 2011
I put this down as BS earlier this evening. If this isn’t the case I expect Naylor to unwrap the Mondeo from his garage and get over to that bloody restaurant asap that Vicente was seen at near Hove park, yonder year ago!


Professor of Dullness & Tedium
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Apr 5, 2014
“Ansu Fati has accepted Brighton as destination — De Zerbi, key factor.”

As I said in another post when someone suggested we will increasingly be hijacked in the transfer market because of our growing reputation for finding talent:

RDZ‘s reputation precedes him all over Europe and is a draw that makes us a competitive destination club cf to the Big 7 who are able to outbid us on financial grounds …

£200k a week tho’?!
That's just ten packets of Starburst and a Mars Bar in the WSU


NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Feb 23, 2009
I can't believe anyone into football hasn't heard of Ansu Fati. f***ing hell. This makes Vicente look like Chris Holroyd.

Anyway, this is probably AI or photoshop but still:



Well-known member
May 1, 2006
Those who don’t understand how highly Fati is/was thought of pre injury he was being compared to Mbappe and Vinicius Jnr. Regardless of Why he is coming to us on loan that is the level he has been at. Hopefully we can get him back to that level and be part of a modern day greats journey.

Hopefully he’s not a Bojan or Jese who both ended up at Stoke and done very little.

Regardless of being in the Premier league now for 6 years this very much feels like welcome to the big time. There will be fans of every club in the league saying what the f*** and wondering why they haven’t signed him. Let’s all hope he’s a huge success. Will only lead to even better signings in the future if that’s the case.


NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Jun 27, 2012
How many 19 year old twitter fans have heard of RDZ. Pretty sure a decent footballer will have
Tbf to @dwayne - the notion that most players follow world football and coaches as if they’re Tim Vickery or James Richardson is quite the stretch. Barca will know RDZ inside out and they’ll have seen our track record and hence trust their teen wonder kid , incredibly, to the Albion. But agreed. I doubt - before tonight - our new star player is that much of a Seagull expert. (Doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have quickly been sold on the project - look at Colwill, Enciso, Caicedo for that)

The Pilsbury Echo

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Dec 30, 2015
If some of you NSCers want a good laugh then head over to the fighting cock summer transfer thread. North London melt down at its finest!

Hugo Rune

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NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Feb 23, 2012
This won't make sense to most but I feel like this signing means we will definitely sign at least another player.
My guess is the club have decided to go in hard.
I agree. Surely Barco has to join now? And another cheeky loan for an experienced DM wouldn’t go a miss. I wonder if RDZ could get a tune out of Ndombele? Pretty sure he only wants a club European football.


wake me up before you gogo who needs potter when
May 16, 2006
has it been naylored yet

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