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[Albion] Andy Jacobs TalkSport rant about Brighton (and their fans)

Dick Swiveller

Sep 9, 2011
Never got the attraction of that bloke. Hawksbee is a comedy writer and can be funny but Jacobs just seems to offer the grumpy old man schtick and terrible puns. Summed up by the fact he has a season ticket at Brentford as well as Chelsea. I had not listened for 12 or so years, listened again for a month or two since my iPod packed up and their show hasn't changed in all that time. I can handle the show in the small doses I listen to when going to lunch but couldn't manage more than 10 minutes.

Badger Boy

Mr Badger
Jan 28, 2016
As a regular listener he’s more angry at his Chelsea than anything else, he hates Potter with a passion
To be honest, I've enjoyed some of his rantings about Potter. It's largely how I felt watching his stunted, emotionally repressed football. For all this talk about him being emotionally intelligent, he was never able to get as much out of the individuals as Roberto De Zerbi has done in the last month. It's an incredible turnaround from a team who could not score goals, were not a threat for 80 of the 90 minutes and every pundit said the same thing, "lovely side to watch, great on the ball, won't score enough goals".

They're not saying that any more.


Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
That’s quite funny. Chelsea have been played like an absolute fiddle and their fans are suffering. They needed to be brought down a peg or two.
Sadly for the rest of the football world, since Potter/Cuckoo, they've spent a further £100m's on some of the best players in the game.

Purely through this literally world-record breaking spend, they'll win far more games and likely trophies. Giving them the last laugh.

NSC will revert to seldom talking about Chelsea. Threads/posts criticising the finances/immorality of Chelsea (pre Potter), Newcastle and ManC were uncommon. There's the occasional poster around who tackles these issues @studio150 :bowdown:
😂 Haha, El Pres in the comments...... As a occasional guest on the show and a Brighton fan I don’t think I’m going to be invited onto H&J again


Aug 4, 2010
It just amazes me that clubs think that any player can automatically swap clubs and immediately slot into another team structure and hit the ground running. Cuc and Buss proved to be decent players with us. It’s not their fault that their new clubs can’t get them integrated.

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