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[Albion] An article worth reading


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Feb 12, 2005
Interesting, but I think it should note the role the death the owner had in Southampton's change of fortunes. See also, Leicester.
Agreed. I don’t understand how this doesn’t get mentioned - Southampton have changed owner multiple times since the ‘golden’ era of players.

And Leicester dropped off massively and lost direction, made bad decisions once their owner passed and his son took over

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Jul 11, 2003
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As said in another thread, I just don't get the Southampton comparison.
Using the names provided, Chambers and Shaw were the final products of their academy, so you might as well include Bale and Walcott!

Clyne is modest.
MS was bought for £1.5m in League One and sold 7 years later.
Hindsight said Liverpool robbed them for Mane & every team has at least 1 VVD transfer.

In the meantime they spent a lot of money on a lot of choking dogs you've never heard of before, during and since.

Calum Chambers academy - 20m.
Luke Shaw acc - 37.5m
Nathaniel Clyne, 3.2m - 12m
Morgan Schneiderlin, 1.5m (08/09) - 35m
Sadio Mane 23m - 41m
Virgil van Dijk 15m - 78m

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