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[Albion] Amazon - Gross 3 from 3 pens

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May 1, 2006
Do these idiots not do any research. I’m fairly certain they showed his penalty miss against WBA in an opening montage. Utters turds. Anyway great pen UTA.


Sep 28, 2011
It wasn't as if it waws a one-off. Commentator, pundits, after-match interviewer all said it.

Was hoping Welbz was going to correct her, but he let it slide.


Registered User
Apr 24, 2008
Was it just me who heard Lee Dixon suggesting 2 points would be a good result for us from the game? Ashley Barnes esque!


Sep 28, 2011
Their overall research on us was total shite.

Lots of comments about how astonishing Leeds recent record against us was.
Do they not know that we were in the Top 6 of the championship for 4 out of our last 6 seasons.
Leeds didn't even make the play-offs whilst we were in the same division.

Why shouldn't our record against them be excellent?


Jun 21, 2020
I only watched the second half on a stream, but oh was that poor commentary and camera work/ editing. When Welbeck smashed it in for the goal they were showing mundane scenes on the sidelines/ followed by a long shot of the pitch with no detail. They then caught up with goal celebrations, but took an age to show a replay of the superb goal.


Solly March Fan Club
Nov 22, 2007
Sarisbury Green, Southampton
Despite the Leeds love in, which you get from all media outlets anyway, I still much preferred Drury and McCoist today to Darren Fletcher and Steve McManaman on BT.

The BBC coverage for the Southampton game comfortably the best this season though.

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