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[Albion] Albion v Fulham 1969

Official Old Man

Uckfield Seagull
Aug 27, 2011
Hope the ref kept the ball, could be worth £3 million according to BBC Breakfast this morning (hand of god ball up for auction expected to go for that amount).


Jul 6, 2003
Oh wow I was at that game! Didn't know, or had forgotten, that it was on TV! (Note the 'proper' Albion shirts :))

Bish Bosh

Aug 10, 2005
Wish it was in the EU
Interesting that the camera position must have been near the players' tunnel in the West Stand stand rather than on a scaffolding tower above the East Terrace as became usual.
Yes it was. A group of us 13-year-olds stood nearby and sang songs about our schoolteachers. These were never picked up on the TV commentary, which we were sad about at the time but, looking back, was a good thing.


Jan 17, 2022
October 1976,the main match from division3!
Brighton v Palace
I was at this game,not the Fulham one though


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