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[Albion] AEK Athens FC vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***


Well-known member
Jul 30, 2023
The insistent passing into Pedro and him losing it everytime is so frustrating. Get it out wide. They are certainly well off the pace in that first half!
Agree..clearly not working..loads of space in the channels though for him and others to run onto if only the ball was played there


Enemy of the People
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Oct 17, 2008
He couldn't cope with 80 minutes at Forest....
But I can’t remember Ferguson completing 90 minutes for club or country yet. We have literally no recognised strikers on the bench…


Old Brightonian
Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
Hats off to AEK though they’re doing a number on us again.

That said, come on you super seagulls.


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Mar 8, 2008
Hoping my seagull-themed beer might inspire us.


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Aug 14, 2011
Sussex By The Sea
Does he? I’m sorry I can’t agree. He doesn’t link the play very well and rarely retains possession. He needs to improve on this for him and JP to play together, so that he can come to feet and allow JP to run in behind

He can tackle, pass, hold the ball up and find the net. Go look at his stats you'll be suprised at his completion rate before his latest average run of games.

Problem is lately he isn't played a striker, he's being made to play deep purely with his back to goal and his only assignment seems to be only try lay the ball off. Which must be frustrating for him.

It's not his fault he's constantly being played out of position.


Brighton born & bred
NSC Licker Extraordinaire
Oct 20, 2022
Maybe we should pretend to leave the stadium during half time, and leave a big wooden horse in the changing room as a reward for their efforts.
And then when they wheel it out to the pitch to show it off to the fans, we leap out and catch them by surprise and score 3 goals.
Can’t we just promise them the Elgin marbles to throw the game 🤔

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