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Jan 8, 2010


Nov 18, 2004
From the Guardian article it mentions

"Last year, BBC Radio Solent DJ Andy Dyke announced he was banning Fairytale of New York from his show, calling it “a nasty, nasty song”. If it's for that reason surely he change his surname in case it offends someone?


Bisexual - He/Him
Jan 17, 2005
Lyme Regis
Important to remember this is only a Radio 1 decision at this stage, I guess because their audience a far more likely to find this song offensive but surely with growing pressure local radio and radio 2 will be forced to go the same way? At the very least if they choose to play it they should do like they do with old films now and pre-warn listeners the song will be played so they have chance to switch off and explain the negative and offensive connotations in the song immediately before its played.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
Probably best if we heteros shut up about this and let someone who's gay make a comment :shrug:

I appreciate this is just a Crodo fishing thread but there is an issue here that deserves to be addressed :shrug:

martin tyler

Jan 25, 2013
Why would they do this? It’s a master piece and one of the highlights of christmas. Personally think we should boycott R1. Not that to many on here would listen to such rubbish anyway we are all far to sophisticated for the like of R1

Barham's tash

Jun 8, 2013
Rayners Lane
Wokeness is such a strange concept to me. Offended on other people’s behalf whether they want you to be or not. Just doesn’t sit well with me.

Campaigning for a personal cause? Sure.

Campaigning for a cause close to a friend’s heart due to persecutio/inequality and at their request? Sure no problem.

Getting on a soap box over something that may or may not offend the people/race/gender you think is being targeted by the material/issue you have way too much time on your hands...

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