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[Albion] A good example of how football has changed for the worse

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Dangerous Idiot
Jun 21, 2012
Born In Shoreham
Glance over Twitter and every other person seem to be a life coach whatever the f.uck that means, the best one of all failed business owners teaching other businesses to be successful ??? The constant everything’s amazing, had an amazing day with industry experts blah blah just f.uck off.


Legacy fan
Jul 6, 2003
It should be noted that business and industry aren’t quite the same things.

Football is, of course, a business, but an industry is “a sector that produces goods or related services”.

A particular industry consists of all the people and activities involved in making a particular product or providing a particular service.

Not Andy Naylor

Dec 12, 2007
Seven Dials
I recently went to a game in Germany and the standing sections and the smell of beer and fags brought back memories of the Goldstone at its best. But quite often it was far from its best and the team and the football were sometimes terrible. Then I sat in my seat in the ESU for the Everton game watching the present team in a more-or-less full Amex and knew that things had improved. Yes, all the corporate stuff seems light years from what we used to think of as football, but it, and Sky changing kick-off times, all make possible what we have now. As trade-offs go, it has been pretty good. Bolton and Bury fans may, of course, disagree ...


Many More Voting Years
Aug 10, 2007
Whilst I don't like the whole commercialisation of the game I love, I do like what it brings. Safer game to watch (the 'firns' of the 80s and fighting on the terraces are long gone), a better quality pitch (the mud baths of the 70s are history), the ability to watch the away games on TV (not all but a fair few as I can only do home games), the quality of the players we get in the PL are amongst the best (if not the best) players in the world.

I do hate the volume of money involved in football nowadays (Connolly at 19 probably earns more a week than I do a year) and it's attendant 'industry' that's followed the money like a rat up a drainpipe. But give me those downsides any day and twice on Sundays rather than going back to the 'good old days'.

Whilst you are entitled to your opinion, and I can agree about wages, I hate the rest of it. Perfect pitches August, mud baths in January, all added to the game. Players who actually really connected with fans, rather than just patronise them. Clubs that actually needed the gate receipts, rather than see fans as an inconvenience or a marketing opportunity. Partisan crowds that actually give a xxxx, unlike corporate/tourist fans at the big clubs.

The world has changed. Not everybody likes it.


Feb 1, 2009
Heard a story this morning about a radio presenter who was (properly) in the first class section on a train and was required to move to allow the Liverpool squad to take over the carriage. A long way from the days when the players used to get the bus alongside supporters to get to a match. #jumpersforgoalposts
Players travelling by train in this day and age? Sounds like a tall story to me!

Page 11 of Sunday's programme. "AITC win Industry Leading Award". It's not a bloody industry, it's football. In many ways I prefer the god old bad old days before football became the big business it is now.

On that basis then you would rather the Albion be in the old Division 3 or 4 without a pot to piss in, bad owners, crap team playing shit football, distinct chance of being wound up and so on and so forth. You want that? Fine.

Me? I’m quite happy lauding it in the Premier League and all that goes with it. Yes, I’ve tasted the good, old bad old days when we strived to be where we are today - it’s called success, a dream come true, accomplishment, a great achievement or any number of accolades.

FFS!! Enjoy the moment, it may not last so appreciate where we are and what we have done, and, stop being a sodding Luddite.


Legacy fan
Jul 6, 2003
Yes, I can definitely see why people are squeamish about the idea of football being considered a product or service.

Again (!), the award was for Albion In The Community - which, contrary to the original post, is a perfect example of football changing for the better.

Greg Bobkin

May 22, 2012
Would it better if they'd said "AITC win award"?

Given that companies/organisations are singular, it would be EVEN better if it said 'AITC wins award" :wink:

On the OP's point, yes, football is an industry – and the Albion is a business within that industry. Many people don't like it but, on the other hand, I find it difficult to see how you can be *that* offended by something that is a very positive bit of news for the club and the area :shrug:

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