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[Albion] 8th ? , Conference (7th), or Europa (6th)

Joey Jo Jo Jr. Shabadoo

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Oct 4, 2003
Didn't we have a similar situation a few seasons back. Man City with the title already wrapped up late in the season? And they still kicked the crap out of us?

I don't think Man City are going to phone it in regardless.

No, that was the game we won 3-2 at the Amex. They’d won the title already and had the CL final a week or so after our match against them. We came back from 2 down to win and Pep moaned we kicked them etc.

Although it’s possible there was another game that fits them having the title sewn up and still handing us a pasting.

Don’t fancy being knocked out in the first round
In that case you’d want us to finish at least 6th and get to the Europa League as we’d go straight in at the Group stage.

Conference League has a play off round so we could go out in what is essentially our first round game.


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May 31, 2022
I think we will sneak 7th but secretly I don't want us in Europe next season - with the possibility of losing some of our better players I think it would be a step too far at the moment. I would prefer 8th and another good crack at the League and domestic cups next season.
Absolute madness, we may never get this close again. Give your head a wobble.

The Maharajah of Sydney

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Jul 7, 2003
Sydney .
Spread Markets see it finishing thus ;

62 pts - Albion
60 pts - Spuds
59 pts - Villa



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Jan 26, 2012
All very reasonable arguments for Europe.

However, West Ham have played 14 Conference League games so far in Europe this season and have only just pulled away from relegation. They have a bigger squad than us and a bigger spend, so I do fear we will struggle. With the defeats against Forest and Everton we do seem to be paying for our FA cup exploits and some poor fixture scheduling earlier in the season which could have helped us out.

If we make Europe I will be as excited and proud as everyone else , just think it may be a tough ask for us.

They played 12 Europa League games last season and finished 7th though. Leicester finished 8th, no European football, and are even worse than West Ham this season. Not certain that there is a firm link between playing European football and being shit in the league.


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Feb 1, 2009
No it didn’t go well at all - but I’d like to think we’ll have learned from that and we’re not going to be playing teams in our remaining games that play Dyche tactics !
No we won't - but one of the teams we play is Manchester City, and two of the others are Arsenal and Newcastle. Plus Southampton, who quite possibly WILL play something like Dyche tactics!
Still, if we just go to Villa on the last day and roll them over, no prob, eh?


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Jan 6, 2010
Would say personally live in the moment and the time. No guarantees next season we will be as good no matter what or certain clubs will be so bad. Injuries and unforeseen other circumstances may mean that isn’t a possibility. I’d take any European place any day if the week right now.

hart's shirt

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Jul 8, 2003
Kitbag in Dubai
Realistically I feel that 2 wins from our remaining games would be enough to guarantee at least 7th. You have to fancy Villa to lose at Liverpool next weekend meaning that if they beat us they would be on 60 points. So if we could get a win at either Arsenal or Newcastle then a win at home to Southampton would hopefully will do the trick. Failing that - 1 win and 3 draws is the alternative. The same haul could also be enough to secure 6th because the way Spurs are playing I can’t see them getting anything more than 2 draws in their remaining games. I really don’t want to go to Villa needing a win - they are such a bogey side for us.

The other scenario is, based on the thinking that Villa lose at Liverpool, we beat Southampton and if we lose against Arsenal, Newcastle & City (not conceding loads of goals) then a draw at Villa would be enough !
Villa could even draw at Liverpool which would put them on 58 points. A win against Southampton would put us on 58 points.

Avoiding defeat against Villa in the last game would be enough for 7th on GD regardless of anything else bar a 14 goal swing.

Now it goes without saying we wouldn't want to take it to the last game with memories of Villa Park disappointment.

The thing that would change this would, of course, be a Villa win at Liverpool.

But it's still looking good for Europe in some shape or form.
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Cheshire Cat

The most curious thing..
Arse - nil points (or possibly three just to be contrary and prove me wrong - what do I know anyway)
Geordies - one point (BDB own goal in sympathy)
Relegated - three points but probably loose just because we can (see Everton fiasco)
Citeh - nil points (come on, we are definitely not going to win that one)
Brummies - three points (but only if we are still interested, otherwise a major thrashing at the beach)

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