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[Albion] £30m offer for Levi Colwill rejected


Well-known member
Jan 24, 2009
Chelsea finally making a good decision! Absolute shocker.

I can only see Colwill coming here is Chelsea want one of our midfield dynamos and they need to sweeten the pot. It's a shame but with Dunk, Webster and JPVH already in place we will have to look elsewhere to bolster our CH ranks.

Nobby Cybergoat

Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
The first post in unsourced, so likely untrue.

But £30m is nowhere near enough to tempt Chelsea for this player


Well-known member
Apr 23, 2010
Just read the Daily Mail (I know) article and apparently not only was £30m rejected Chelsea have also said he isn't for sale.

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