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[TV] 24 hours in police custody


wake me up before you gogo who needs potter when
May 16, 2006
he got realised from prison on tag in September and the 2 that burgled him are claiming £1m in compo


Nov 3, 2014
Was shocked by the verdict,i would have thought if had said he braked hard and he ran into the back of them it would have been difficult to prove otherwise although thats probably a simplistic view.Did think when he chased after them "you don't want to be doing that" Also how sad for them and society that they had to abort there child while that useless piece of shit had 2 children and another on the way,makes one despair.

The Clamp

Jan 11, 2016
West is BEST
This one really upset me. It wasn’t as dramatic as some previous episodes and showed how everyday people can have their lives screwed by a couple of scrotes.

That poor family. Nice guy, working hard, drawn into the world of these scum bags. And then to have to worry about his family while he’s in custody and then prison.

It’s a travesty that he served time. It made me want to find the pair of chavs and exact some justice.

Really horrible story and outcome.


Apr 1, 2020
Link please, I’d like to make a donation.

Over £123,000 now. Apparently he spent over £50,000 in legal fees and lost his job.

The words that haunt me from the programme are ‘The CPS decided it was in the public’s interest to charge Adam White” I think this is a clear indication that the public disagree. Restores your faith in humanity to see so much money donated, one person has given £15,000!

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
Thankfully they’ve made the sole beneficiary of the go fund me as his wife, as heard these scumbags are now trying to sue him / his insurers for £1m


Aug 21, 2018
For someone with no 'previous' the sentence seems very harsh. I can understand the need to prosecute as he didn't have to go after them (some on here suggesting they'd have done the same thing whereas I wouldn't as I would have stayed with my family and what good did he really think would come of chasing them). But surely a suspended sentence and fine would have been more appropriate.

surrey jim

Not in Surrey
Aug 2, 2005
Just watched the episode. Such a sad story, as others said the sentencing made me very angry. Hardworking man, loving family having his life turned upsidown because of two drains on society.

Why did the CPS think it wa in the public interest to prosecute is beyond me
Gobsmacked at his sentence, was expecting it to be suspended atleast, but no.

Whoever authorised that charge at the CPS should be sacked, because in no way was that in the public interest to charge him. The judge who sentenced him should be struck off, because clearly they have no idea what they're doing. Disgraceful.

Its a shame the damage wasn't more permanent for the two scumbags who have ruined this guys life.

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